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Battery for Mamiya M645 1000s

  1. Ria
    I have just come into possession of a Mamiya 645 1000s with the PD Prism finder. The instruction manual states in no uncertain terms that a silver oxide battery, (such as PX28), must be used or "proper functioning of the camera cannot be guaranteed."
    I am having difficulty finding a silver oxide battery, although 6 volt lithium batteries are everywhere.
    So, the straight dope is..what? Non-silver oxide will work? Non-silver oxide will operate the shutter but cause inaccurate meter readings? Non-silver oxide will not only not work, but ruin the camera and cause plagues of locusts?
  2. Nikon Collector
    Nikon Collector
    I,ve used alkaline batteries in mine and they seem to work fine, Mamya does not recommend Lithium batteries but several request for reasons why? over the last 5 yrs have gone unanswered.
  3. Ria
    Thank you so much for the reply. I shall sally forth tomorrow and make images with my new to me Mamiya.
  4. Ria
    Received resonse to email inquiry of Mamiya:
    "Lithium will not hurt the camera; they are not in the instruction book because they did not exist when that camera was being sold. However lithium is overkill for the 1000S, you should be able to find a less expensive alkaline PX28 at Radio Shack."
    And that, I suppose, is that.
  5. Ektagraphic
    I bought a Kodak battery for my camera and it had died after about ten rolls only using the prism a little....Weird. I need to see if Duracell or one of the other big names are still making these batteries.
  6. Thingy
    I'm hoping to buy a Pro TL next month (after it being recommended on APUG a few months ago) and was wondering if I can use the same external battery holder as is used for the 7II rangefinder camera (as these are still available)? The reason I am asking is that I'm planning a trip to Northern Norway & Tromso in February 2012 and need the camera to be able to operate at temperatures that may be as low as -30C (factoring in windchill).

    Alternately, does anyone have an old external battery holder for sale that would fit the Pro TL?

  7. Chris Douglas
    Chris Douglas
    The 6 volt alkaline battery is a stack of four LR44 batteries which are dirt cheap in quantity on-line. When my existing battery gives up, I'm going to start using LR44's.
  8. snederhiser
    I am new to the group and own a M645 with waist level finder and a 1000s with AE prism finder. I do all of my service work and recently serviced my film inserts. If you look on the big auction site, batteries can be found. I have used lithium, alkaline, and silver oxide. The silver oxide are the best choice when using an AE prism. The voltage remains stable over the life of the batteries. Important for accurate meter readings. Steven.
  9. aurum earring
    aurum earring
    I've been told the silver oxide batteries have better life in cold weather.
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