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  1. Ektagraphic
    What films are you having fun with? I have been working in my darkroom getting a taste of all of the Kodak black and white films lately. I have got a good idea of what Tri-X can do and I like it but I am on to Plus-X and TMAX. I have also been trying some of the Portra for a change but I like the good old standby of E100G for my color work. Great in 120. I have also some E100VS in 220 to try out on a long day of shooting. I figured I should use some to potentially try to show that there is some interest in it. I like Ektachrome and the 120 has served me well but keeping a 220 option would be nice.
  2. Thingy
    I am using a number of films to see what results I get with my recently purchsed 645 Pro TL, which I already use for 5x4 large format landscape photography:

    For macro work of flowers & insects: Fuji: Astia F, Pro160S.
    Landscapes: Fuji: Pro160S, Acros (Neopan 100); Rollei IR400 (IR film at 25 ASA)
    When I get the 50mm shift lens, for architectural use I will try it out with either Acros (for its excellent latitude) or Ilford Delta 100.
  3. dehk
    I prefer Tri X. But local stores are running out of 120 Tri X. So I just keep using the couple PX i got left in my freezer. Than there's a roll of Neopan 400. But, since I can't get them anymore I want to keep it for special occasion.
  4. pdjr1991
    I'm cheap so i use Arista's line of film. Its great but i want to try others.
  5. pdjr1991
    @dehk. Ive heard somewhere on APUG that Legacy IS the new Neopan. Freestyle carries it but i donot know if they have it in 120
  6. CarolEverhart
    I love animation films.
  7. thewrongdevice
    Lately, I've shot on a Kodak Ektar expired in 1992 if I'm not mistaken. Beautiful color shift towards purple. :-) I like Ilford Delta 3200 as well. Excellent for really low light shooting. Tolerable grain in MF if you develop in DD-X. You can even push it to 6400. (Native speed is around 1000 so 3200 is already a push)
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