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Mamiya Press

  1. analog what is that?
    I have a rangefinder, an old Press, onbe of thge early grey models, that is about to get a new lease of life.
    Think I have all the bits collected now, but was looking for pointers & advice.

    PS noone has any pictueres tio share of their rangefinders or pictures from them?
  2. TareqPhoto
    I don't have this camera, but i have Mamiya 7II, it is not working for some internal problems i think and i can't send it for repair overseas, maybe one day i will do that and then use it to see.
  3. pentaxpete
    I have a Mamiya Press Super 23 bought new in about 1969 -- I have the 100mm f3.5, 150mm f5.6 and 65mm f6.3 lenses and several backs, 6x7 and one 6x9 format. I did a lot of Press and agency work and weddings with it -- now do not use it so mauch as all the black foam sealing has gone rotten ! I have had some good exhibition photos done with it -- maybe I can show you all some ? Thanks for viewing !
    OH DEAR !!! And STRONGER WORDS !! I cannot at the moment get my photos into this Group -- they are all on Flickr and I tried the 'Upload from Website' thing and it said 'Invalid File Format' every time -- all my photos in my computer have been WIPED off as I got a Virus so the Mamiya ones are only on websites -- I will try again or have to re-scan prints and negs from Press Super 23.
    At last I found a way to get some photos off ephotozine but not all of them would be accepted on this site, but there is a few expamples of Mamiya Press Super 23 to see.
  4. analog what is that?
    analog what is that?
    JUst give us a link to the Flickr photo's Pete, problem solved!
  5. pentaxpete

    Hope this 'link' works to my Mamiya Press Super 23 photos on Flickr !
  6. e.recker
  7. e.recker
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any information on lens cam adjustments for the 100mm f3.5 and the 50mm 6.3. Neither lens will focus to infinity on the ground glass. I have googled, but I have found no information
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