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Mamiya RB 67 ProSD back problem?

  1. outforlunch
    I am new to this group and forum. I have always found answers on apug when googling problems. I decided to join since this seems to be the place to get reasonable and knowledgeable information.

    I have a Mamiya RB67 ProS. I recently got a ProSD back and have been using it. I really like the dark slide pocket. Everything seemed to be working fine but in the last week, every roll but one that I've developed has had one blank photo.

    I ruled out the lens by switching it.

    Could it be the back? What would cause a problem like this? I don't look at the counter every time I cock the film advance but when I do look, it seems to be working. Shows red for exposed and won't let me take another photo until I advance.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
  2. rbultman
    Is the unexposed frame in the same position in the roll? Any similarities or differences between the rolls?

    I bought a 180mm K/L at auction that I ended up returning because the shutter would occasionally not fire when using the camera (Pro SD) in T with both mirror lockup and bulb. In this case it had nothing to do with the back.

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