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Manual Release for T exposure

  1. Pfiltz
    I don't have a cable release, and was thinking of shooting a long exposure tonight using the T on my lens. How do a release the shutter manually?

  2. Pfiltz
    got it figured out
  3. rbultman
    Care to share?
  4. gabriele83
    To close the shutter again after a long exposure you need to half (actually less than half, maybe 1/4) cock the mirror cocking lever, if you listen carefully you will hear it closing.
    P.S. I've found the Canon dual cable shutter release works perfectly on my RB67 Pro SD...and I paid it about half price compared to the Mamiya one.
  5. eljacko
    I recommend putting the lens back on prior to cocking the lever to avoid any shake. As for cable releases, get the cheapest one and use the "mirror up" option on the lens. Way cheaper than the dual release.
  6. paul ron
    paul ron
    Put a hat over the lens, fire n remove the hat! After the alloted time, put the hat back, cock resets the shutter.
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