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An Introduction

  1. dodphotography
    Hello all... I had seen this forum over and over when searching online and finally decided to join.

    I am 27, located in Boston and am a 100% analog shooter now. I started off with photography about 2006 when I needed to photograph paintings I was making in college and couldn't afford someone to shoot my work professionally. From there, my interests really shifted from painting to photography but I've essentially always been a loner so my journey has been pretty solitary. I grew up in a pretty working class family and area, art is certainly not something people talk about or value so it came to a real shock when my friends and family found out I was interested in it, never mind studying it in school.

    I worked hard, invested in great digital gear... pro glass, all that jazz. Tought myself how to edit work in post, started creating nice work but ultimately I hit a point where I felt my work equally belonged to a computer, there was no tangibility there for me.

    I finally accepted the urge to use film, this coming from someone who had never used film EVER. I'm glad I made the switch, did my research and came across an RB67 ProSD in amazing shape for pretty low cost. Made the plunge and am never looking back.

    Anyway, thanks for all the future advice you'll be giving me!
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