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Camera Bag for RB67

  1. baxjj

    I am in need of your opinions. Allow me to explain...

    My lovely girlfriend offered to get me a bag for my RB67 for my birthday. She's soooo sweet! As we all know that '67 photographic walkabouts are an aerobic activity. I would love to hear what your recommendations are for a camera bag.

    I'm thinking the Clik Elite Pro Express should do the trick. I am on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. This means hills, rain, often other challenging conditions. I like the bag's versatility, and it seems a lot of thought went into its design. I'm thinking my RB67 (with prism finder, 180mm lens, 90mm lens) would fit comfortably, and still leave room for my spot meter, my noon pinhole, and 35mm rangefinder, 4x5 film holders, maybe another RB67 120 back or two... The capability for a camelbak-type hydration bladder makes too much sense.

    I would appreciate your thoughts before my lovely lady makes the big birthday investment.

    many thx in advance,

  2. nworth
    The Clik bag would probably be a good choice. I know people who use it for anything from elaborate digital to 4X5, and all are very happy with it. These bags are actually designed for photographers, not adapted from something else, and Clik has a rather selected advisory group of field photographers who tell them how to make bags that work (and they actually listen to the advice). A friend of mine, who is on the advisory group, has hauled her bag and equipment all over the world and over trails I would never attempt, and the bag has served flawlessly for a couple of years now. The RB is a big camera, and the lenses are big. It also has a somewhat unusual shape. Be sure to get a bag that is big enough and that you can configure for this rather unusual piece of gear. If you can, take your gear to the store and try to fit it in the bag before you buy.
  3. bluedog
    I have an RZ and use a LowePro Photo Trekker which is a big backpack. It holds a body, 2 backs, polaroid back, 360mm, 65mm, 180mm and 110mm lenses, extension tubes, filters, film etc... It is a beast to carry any distance. And, then there is the tripod.
    If you are into nature I guess this is the load we have to bear. My only advice is bigger is better as you will probably accumulate more lenses and accessories. They produce wonderful images.
  4. smcclarin
    FWIW, if your not into the backpack thing...The magnesian 30 shoulder bag from Clik Elite works well for rb67 kit..i can street with a 127mm C lens or a 90 and still have a rotating grip attached using a wlf, and stuff 2 backs and a lens with room for cokin filters and several rolls of film... I now use it as my Peacemaker speed graphic 4x5 bag. The large strap pad is molded foam with air pockets...its quite comfortable even maxed out!
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