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'New' (Used) RB67 coming... test time

  1. peter k.
    Getting tomorrow... 14 days to 'test' it... anything I should especially look out for... ?
    I've read its best to test exposure with e-6, no have, but got c-41 and two rolls of TRI x 400..

    didn't even knew this group existed... ;-)
    In fact have been a member of Apug for years, but this is my first post..
  2. nworth
    The reason testing is recommended for E-6 films is that they have such a narrow latitude. Small errors are significant with these films, and you need to have your exposure right on. C-41 films are among the most forgiving. You do not usually need to test to get proper exposure with these, but it doesn't hurt. You will get some information that may lead you to better pictures. Remember that the RB-67 uses between the lens shutters, so you have to test with each off your lenses. They may be different. Anytime you get a new old camera it is a good idea to have a professional repair shop give it a checkup. They will check the shutter speeds for all your lenses and let you know if any repairs or corrections are needed.
  3. peter k.
    peter k.
    Only got one lens at this time.... and will be going down to PHX later this week and may drop the camera off after I see the developed proofs... thanks for the reply.
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