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RB67 Dark slide?

  1. peter k.
    Testing out my new RB67... yesterday, I shot 2 shots before realizing I had not pulled the dark slide, da, ;-) it had slipped a little out, to where you can see the triangle.. which I now realize allowed it to shoot. When its all the way in.. the camera will not shoot. But when I push it in, it comes out to that point again. Is this common?
    Perhaps the dark slide seals need to be replace?
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. nworth
    Yes, it's common. An even more common problem is that you can change lenses when the dark slide is out, which often results in fogged film (light leaks around the mirror).
  3. peter k.
    peter k.
    Ahhh.. thanks for the heads up... about taking the lens off with the dark slide out. Didn't have to worry about that with the speed.
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