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Prism Options

  1. dodphotography
    What are your thoughts on prisms... seems there are the specific RB67 models which appear to be well used all over eBay and the model II for both RB/RZ use. The older ones are around 50-70 dollars where the model II is bringing upwards of 200. Is it worth the difference in price?

  2. Robert Liebermann
    Robert Liebermann
    I have a 1st gen prism finder that looks cool (huge, heavy) but I seldom use it. I like the reverse perspective that the prism finder negates - maybe the difference from 35mm SLRs and rangefinders helps me keep the two separate. Mine (RB) came with the chimney finder which I like. No floding WLF. Somewhere someone mentioned winter shooting and how to keep the snow out of the WLF - something I hadn't considered since it isn't a problem with the 'sealed' chimney finder.
  3. houdel
    I have the original Prism Finder. As Robert stated it is huge and heavy - exactly 2 pounds according to my shipping scale. I have never seen a Prism Finder 2 but after looking at the finder manuals at the Butkus website I don't see any apparent functional difference. The Prism Finder 2 is more angular and not quite as ugly; its viewfinder magnification is 1.8x vs 2.2x for the original Prism Finder. I would expect with the redesign the finder 2 might be a bit brighter but I can't say that for certain. Probably a good part of the price premium for the finder 2 is demand for the finder from RZ users.
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