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Hello from New Member

  1. 18%gray
    Let me introduce myself -- as a person with only eighteen percent of his hair left, which has also turned gray . . . well, you get the idea.

    Anyway, after doing a LOT of research on all-mechanical MF cameras, I got completely sold on the RB. I have ordered a body and a 90mm "C" lens, along with a polarizer and a hood, and can't wait for them to arrive. The body description at KEH was ambiguous about whether or not a rotating back was included, so I'll either be able to go out and test it in about ten days, or else have to order a back and wait another week or two. We'll see.

    I downloaded a manual, and have read everything I could find on the web, but I'm guessing that (a) I'll most likely have more questions that I'll need answers for and (b) I'm going to have a LOT of fun with that camera!

    Really happy to have found this site -- I've been shooting film for more decades that I care to admit to, and plan to stay with it until my executor starts distributing my gear.
  2. houdel
    RB-67s were normally supplied with a rotating back so I would expect yours will come with one. They are available on Ebay if by some odd chance yours is missing, but I would think KEH would have noted if your body did not come with one. The RB-67 is a bit large and heavy but it IS a lot of fun to play with. Is yours a a Pro, Pro S or Pro SD?
  3. 18%gray
    The listing did not specify, so I' guessing that it's a "Pro." That's OK with me, as over the years I've found that I usually prefer the simpler (fewer features) cameras best, and tend to stick to the earliest models of any particular type, unless the earliest had defects that had to be corrected in later models.

    I plan to use this camera mostly for landscape work; do you have any suggestions as to which lens might be best? I ordered the 90mm "C" to start with, but am thinking about also ordering a 65mm. I don't want to go too wide as I don't think I'd enjoy dealing with the difficulties inherent in getting good results from super-wide angle lenses.

    Thanks for responding.
  4. houdel
    Did your purchase include a film back? If so it must have a rotating back as the film back will not attach to the camera otherwise. If you buy any other film backs look for the "SD" backs, the light seals are better and the back has a slot for the dark slide.

    I have a Pro SD with 90 mm and 127 mm "L" lenses. IIRC, the 90 mm lens is equivalent to a 42 mm lens on a 35 mm camera. There is no one around here that processes 120 film so I have to send mine out. I did a web search and ended up creating a spreadsheet of film processing resources, you can find it here: http://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgxzTdaSqIyndGlPNkhzV0c0S2E3Q2VmUXZqeUtOe Wc#gid=0. When I send my film out I have the film processed and scanned, no prints. I have used Photoworks, great work, large TIFF files but for me 17 days turnaround, mostly due to the mail time. I also used North Coast Photo, quick w/ priority mail shipping but they only do JPEG scans.
  5. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    I ordered the 90mm "C" to start with, but am thinking about also ordering a 65mm. I don't want to go too wide as I don't think I'd enjoy dealing with the difficulties inherent in getting good results from super-wide angle lenses.

    The 65mm lens is an excellent choice for landscape work. I have a full array of lenses for the RB and find my 65mm is used a lot more then most others I have.
  6. 18%gray
    Thanks everyone for the advice -- I appreciate it.
  7. 18%gray
    Well, drat! The camera arrived today -- had the rotating adapter but no film back. I could have sworn the photo accompanying the listing showed a back installed.

    So, I've ordered a back but it will be (they say) 10 days until it arrives.

    The lens arrives Friday, but then I'll have to wait another eight days before I get to try it out.

    Don't know whether to feel anticipatory or frustrated . . .
  8. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    houdel, sorry to hear about the mix up. Typically when there is a listing for camera body, that's pretty much all it is. Especially with the Mamiya RB / RZ units. It's the best part of the units, that being the modularity and overall compatibility / interchangeability. To save yourself some further heartburn you might look on line for documents outlining the product. I've had the product for over 20+ years now and still find out new nuances every year or so. It's nice to be in a learning curve every once in awhile, but not at too high a price.

    Here is a youtube on the basic RB parts and disassemble and assembly that may be of help. It goes fairly quick but you can watch a few times if necessary. The part about lens cocking and it's removal and installation I think is a real must if you're not familiar with the procedure, both on and off the camera.
    Mamiya RB Youtube
  9. houdel
    It was 18%grey who bought the new camera w/o a film back. I've had mine since last summer so I have the drill down pretty well.
  10. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    Oooooops, I missed that houdel.........thanks for pointing that out......maybe he will catch this info I've posted.......
  11. 18%gray
    Again, thanks for all the info and advice -- this is a great site!

    I should add that one of those posting in this thread contacted me with an offer to ship me a back -- on loan -- for me to use until mine gets here. And me a brand-new newbie here!

    Not sure whether or not I should identify the person, but the back is wending its way to me at this very moment, and I am very grateful.
  12. Cyrusfirmer

    Another newbie in the world of Medium Format and appologies for posting in the RB forum but the RZ forum appears to be a bit morribund. I have recently bought an RZ pro and have so far shot outside two rolls of Fuji 400 and have been disappointed with the results. The first set was slightly dark and flat and the second set were all overexposed. I have been using a Sekonic l-398 for metering, following various videos and websites as guidance but so far am a bit stuck. Im not sure if it would help to take my Nikon D200 with me and use that for metering with centre weighted setting.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  13. 18%gray
    Cyrus --

    I think you will get more response if you post your request for info as a new thread. This thread (started by me) has pretty much worn out, I think.

    I don't have an answer for you, but someone here will.

    Good luck.
  14. greenbank
    Welcome, 18% grey - you certainly are a card!

    Just in case you haven't found out yet - make sure you know which model of RB67 you have (Pro, Pro S or Pro SD). The backs are different for each model, because Mamiya changed ("improved") the system of interlocks with each model. Trying to fit the wrong back will just damage it or the body, and probably it won't work anyway - they aren't backward or forward compatible.

    With medium-format, I've found that used-equipment dealers often assume their customers know all about the technical side already. So when they list "an RB67" that's just the naked camera body - with the revolving mount at the back, but no film magazine or lens (and, unless they specify, usually no finder either: just the bare ground-glass screen). The mount is officially an integral part of the body, and should be sold as part of it - though, because they sometimes go wrong (and because they can usefully be fitted to other cameras), they are available as separate items too.
  15. houdel
    I have to disagree with Greenbank on the interchangeability of film backs - I have both a Pro and a Pro SD body; all backs work on both bodies. Only the functionality changes from back to back, in my experience the backs are completely interchangeable.
  16. greenbank
    Sorry, houdel, I stand corrected.

    I only have experience with the Pro S, and Pro S backs, myself. Everything I've read warns that the backs are not "interchangeable" - but clearly that ought to be "non-interfunctional." I have also read that people who try to switch backs between models can end up damaging the connector pins which link body and magazine: again this seems now to be misleading, or at least not always true.
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