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  1. Louie Devincentis
    I'm a new member to the group, my name is Louie Devincentis. I live in Toronto, Canada and I've purchased a RB67 with a 55mm, 90mm, 127mm, and a 250mm lenses. Several 120 and 220 backs were included, light meter and some filters too. In the past I have developed 35mm film but I am trying my hand a Medium Format. I know that I probably will be needing the guidance of this group because I from the era of built in light meters so using a light meter and calculating bellow compensation will be a challenge for me. So I am ready to enter the realm of Medium Format and see where it takes me.
  2. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    Welcome Louie to the MF sized equipment and image world. You've chosen a good product to dive into MF with. I've used an RB for well over 20 years now and find it really fits my style of photography. You listed one lens as a 55, not sure but it should be a 50 or 65 I would think as I've got both those sizes. Regardless, enjoy the product and we look forward to seeing some images when you get a chance.
  3. 18%gray
    Hi -- I'm a new member, too, and my experience tells me that you'll be welcome, and other members will be generous with their advice.

    As for figuring the exposure from a hand-held light meter, you don't have to; you just hold the exposed light meter in front of the lens and this wonderful camera automatically sets the correct exposure!

    (But seriously, now) you really do not have to contend with calculating exposure compensation for bellows extension; that's what the little graph is for just above the right-hand focus knob. Run the lens out a bit and watch the graph in action.

    You can get a PDF of the manual for your camera here:

    The nice gentleman who operates the site does not charge, but he provides a terrific service and states that he would not mind a $3 donation for each manual downloaded, which seems more than reasonable to me.

  4. Louie Devincentis
    Louie Devincentis
    Thanks for the welcome Trail Images and 18%gray. I am looking forward experimenting with the Mamiya.
    I'll keep you posted on my progress.
    Thanks again guys.
  5. greenbank
    Welcome also from another MF newbie.

    My generation was reared on SLR TTL metering, but the auto revolution passed me by - I'm used to the simple but reliable centre-weighted meter in my Olympus OM-1n. So I use that to meter for the RB67. I did think about a metering prism finder for the RB, but then the thought of all that extra weight perched on top of an already heavy camera put me off (so did the cost!). The OM-1n "hand-held meter" works fine for me.
  6. houdel
    The only time you need to worry about exposure compensation for bellows extension is for macro photos. For normal photos just go with the light meter readings. I have an old Gossen Luna Pro that I use for metering; I also use my Canon DSLR as well. The histogram on the DSLR is very useful for determining exposure.
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