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Just got the RB67 pro S

  1. Richie_Perkins
    Hello all
    I'm Richie and I learnt photography by shooting digital but I've now been playing at shooting film for about 12 months and really enjoying it, current kit is a Canon AE1Program (I got this at 21 and until recently had only put 2 rolls trough it, I'm 44 now), a Bronica ETRS where I got my love of MF from and recently the RB67 proS with the 90mm lens.

    Looking through the group I've already picked up a few tips such as mirror lock up and T mode and I'm hoping to post a few images and contribute to the forums very soon. I'm off to the Fleetwood Ship Wrecks next week looking to get a sunrise shot without getting to wet.

  2. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    Hello Richie, good to see yet another RB67 user here at APUG. You'll find the RB is an excellent all around camera that meets a lot of photographers needs in their various photographic specialties.
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