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Hi, new member

  1. greenbank
    Just starting out in MF with a pre-loved RB67 Pro S plus 50mm, 90mm and 180mm lenses. I've always been a manual film photographer (35mm), but now I'm retired I look forward to exploring the possibilities of MF too. None of that d*****l stuff - partly because I'm too old a dog to learn complicated new tricks, but also because I tend to feel it's so different from analogue photography that really it should be called something else, not "photography" at all.
  2. houdel
    Welcome! I have a RB-67 with 90mm and 127mm "L" lenses, along with a large collection of Konica 35mm SLR gear. I've only shot a few rolls through the RB-67 but am looking forward to a lot more shooting once spring gets here! I did get the split image focus screen for mine, found that helps quite a bit. I also generally take my Canon EOS 20D along with me to take a test shot, check the histogram for proper exposure as a double check to my light meter readings before I fire off the Mamiya. At $2-$3 a pop for film, processing and scanning, it helps insure I have my exposure right the first time. Enjoy your Mamiya!
  3. greenbank
    "... check the histogram for proper exposure..." See what I mean? I can understand every word in that sentence (even though it brings backs bad memories of high-school maths), but I can't understand the sentence. And please, don't even try to explain! Old dog, remember?

    I do sort of understand, though. I use my Olympus OM-1 to check exposures - the centre-weighted needle is accurate and reliable, and once I have that I know where to go exposure-wise.
  4. Trail Images
    Trail Images
    Hello and welcome to the Mamiya RB67 group here at APUG. I alternate my outings with my RB and my Large Format 4x5 stuff. I really enjoy using the RB67 after 20+ years of using it. Glad you've found the site and the group as well.
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