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Mamiya RB67

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  1. Curt
    My RB67 has brought me around to roll film again. I don't mind the weight as much as I thought and I'll be making a new negative carrier so I don't have to cut the roll up as much. I'm thinking of a long sliding type with a flattening bar to take all of the cupping out and give a really flat negative plane.

    I would love to have a wide angle lens too, right now the 180mm is perfect and the 90mm rounds it out for me. The best move I made was to replace all of the light seals on the camera body and backs. I've had no leaks and hope to keep it that way. I did start to get 77mm filters, starting with a Yellow, Red and polarizer. My Schneider 210 takes 77mm also, I've used 58mm filters on the back of it with a bit of tape so now is the time to get the additional filters.
  2. optique
    Curious that KEH has a low or non-existent supply of RB body and lens outfits at last check. RZ has only 7. When I bought mine there, they had dozens of RB outfits to choose from.

    Maybe the RB is on the way back??
  3. clwyd
    I have only a 150mm lens for my RZ and am considering getting another lens, I would like one wider, What lens do you think?
  4. stevenb1
    Thought I would introduce myself to the group. I live in western NJ. I bought a RB67 awhile ago
    as a step up from 35mm. I enjoy using it, so far for nature photos. It has a 120 back, wl viewfinder, and the 50, 90, 127 and 180 lenses.
  5. Curt
    I may be missing something very basic but how do I make long timed exposures on a ProS model? I'm used to T and B.
  6. mamiya_madman
    Have you got a Sekor C fit lens for your proS Curt? It should have T on it.
  7. Curt
    Yes both of my lenses are Sekor C and they both have T, I honesty don't know why I didn't see it there. Thank you for the reminder to look for it. Gee it's much easier now!
  8. Curt
    Can anyone tell me what the lenshood number is for a 90mm? I have one for the 180 already.
  9. John Koehrer
    John Koehrer
    it's the M77 No.1. It's folding rubber hood, threaded for 77mm.
    The hood for the 50mm is also a No.1 but is a square slip-on.
  10. Curt
    Thank you John, that's the one to get.
  11. Mattjcuk

    I've just bought a RB67 Pro SD with a KL 90mm lemse, polaroid back and an extension tube no1 and can't believe how it good its and how sharp the pictures.

    I've used medium format before but could never take macro shots and it seemed that the RB was a good camera to get for this.

    I did show it to a friend who said it was too large and why would I want one, then he held it, looked through the WLF, focused and the it all just clicked into place!


  12. Curt
    Now that I have the RB I find that I'm using my Berlebach wood tripod, made for large format with a Bogen 3047 head, and it going to be too big and too much for traveling. My Slik is too small and my Gitzo is a Studex, huge and heavy.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for this camera?
  13. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    Just picked a Pro-S, a 90, two film backs, No 1 ring, Waist level viewer, two darslides, strap and 15 rolls of Arists for under $400.00. Shutterblade.com on ebay had the lion's share. I had slowed my spending down to a trickle, but when you see a RB67 Pro-S body from someone you have dealt with in the past and trust for only $57.00. Well, I felt somewhat compelled. I couldn't pass this up. I'm glad I didn't.
  14. k_jupiter
    "Isn't it interesting that a film back can cost as much as a body? I haven't tried using my three Grafmatics yet, I like roll film emulsions too much."

    Problem with the grafmatics is... I think the offset is not correct. I have used them on my rb on a tripod and the focus is just not right. I don't have those issues with the rb roll backs. It is a neat idea though, I shot a bit of HP5 with it.

    Only two lens? I would choose the 65mm and the 127mm. The 180 is good for nailing architectural detail and I do like the 150SF for some portraits. I would say the 65 spend 90% of the time on the camera. I have a Davis and Sanborn, a bit heavy but it's been very very good to me.

    And to the guy who advocates 4x5? Come down and see my Deardorff 8x10.

    I never shoot 4x5 any more.

    tim in san jose
  15. Alan W
    Alan W
    I've been a "user" for close to three years now and I really love this camera.I'd been reading about the rb67 for a while and finally made the plunge on ebay.I got the pro-s body,2 120 backs,1 polaroid back,WLF,prism finder,handle,several filters,minolta IIIf meter,250mm,127mm,90mm and 50mm lenses.All in good condition for $524!I love this digital revolution!Since buying the camera the 50mm lens has been used most often,it's a "pre" c lens with the floating element and it's sharp as a tack.Sometimes I'll forget to adjust it and shoot with it set at infinity and it doesn't affect image quality at all.This camera and it's accessories have got to be the best deals anywhere right now,maybe it's because the studios are dumping them in favour of new digital equipment,either way there are some great deals out there for those of us who've lusted after M.F. equipment for years but just couldn't afford it!
  16. optique

    $524 is an outstanding price!

    good luck
  17. nilswhite
    I do not have a RB or and RZ...yet!! But 'm tired of shooting 6x6 Hasselblad, and can not wait to join you guys in the magical land of 6x7!!!
  18. jmooney
    Hi All! Awaiting the arrival of my RB I just won it on eBay Sunday night. RB67 Pro-S w/waistlevel, 120 ProS back, and 90mm lens for $163!! I'm feeling pretty good about that.
  19. Theo43
    Hello All. I have recently returned to (recreational) photography since my retirement a few years ago. I have Pro-S stuff, with a 90mm, 127mm, and 180mm for landscapes and objects of interest, e.g., old railroad bridges. I like this equipment for its mechanical/manual nature, just like when I first started taking pictures in high school with a 35mm rangefinder. Cheers,
  20. ashokgoyal42
    Among all the camera, RZ67 is my absolute favorite. I would like to do street photography with it but it's too bulky to carry. But I absolutely love the camera. Hope it stays in production forever. They've stopped producing RB ...
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