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Mamiya RB67

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  1. Curt
    I recently bought an RB67 ProS with a 90 and a 180, wlf and prism finder, two ProS backs and some accessories. I liked it right away but soon found it heavy, then I took it along on a trip to Arches NP and soon grew to like it very much. I'll be keeping it and using it more as time goes along.

  2. darkroom
    I been using the mamiya rb 67 pro s for the last 10 to 12 years, for all my model shoots, for in studio its the best, right now i have several 120 and 220 backs, polaroid backs, 65mm, 90mm, 180mm and 250mm lense. i think i own just about every assocory there is.
  3. thefizz
    Hi Guys, I'm an RZ user for 5 or 6 years and love the camera. Yes its a beast to carry around but that doesn't bother me, I use it everywhere, in studio and outdoors. I have two backs, one polaroid back, 50mm, 90mm and 180mm lenses. The 50mm hardly ever leaves the camera.

    I also have a 7II rangefinder which I have also fallen in love with.

  4. 2F/2F

    I have been a user of the Mamiya Press system since fairly soon after I picked up photography. (It was my 4th camera, after my FTb, my Graphic View II, and my Speed Graphic.) I fell in love with Mamiya stuff as a result of the Press system, and now I enjoy shooting with Press, C, and M645 systems. An RZ kit with a 110 RZ lens and a 250 RB lens will be on its way to me soon from an APUGer. I love Mamiya stuff, and will be glad to finally start shooting the granddaddy of them all! I always loved using the RB at school, but it was for studio use only; no check outs. I love Mamiya! Thanks for starting the group. I'm sure I will have some questions about the camera in the coming weeks.
  5. Curt
    I've had a Mamiya m645 for thirty years plus, and two years ago I bought a nice 1000 645, I believe that Mamiya equipment is extremely well designed and produced. I have an RB67 as previously stated and I see the same quality in it as well.
    I was looking at some new equipment and accessories and found a ProS that has 6x8 marked on the revolving adapter, between the body and back, but you guy's know that. Is it dedicated to the 6x8 motorized back or can the original ProS backs work with it?

  6. optique
    My RB67 is my most used camera, 99% b&w. So far, I've mostly used it for landscape, but I enjoy everything from still life to portraiture. I have three lens: wide angle, 90mm normal and the 180mm. My biggest complaint is not the weight, it is the leaky and jamming film backs.
  7. Curt
    My backs leaked too, but I bought them used, I got a seal kit and very carefully and tediously scraped, cleaned and replaced the seals. I haven't had a back jam, must be luck so far. I did buy a back that didn't have a dark slide and bought one from KEH and it was wrinkled in the center as if something had dropped on it, funny thing is it works fine. I wouldn't mind finding a wide angle lens but I found that I really like the images from the 180mm lens. I probably could have done just fine with a 50 or 60 and the 180. There is nothing wrong with the 90, it's just too middle I guess. I have a 2x tele but haven't used it yet for anything.
  8. optique
    I bought all my stuff from KEH, too. Light leak is only at the margin (rebate?) of the film so not bad I guess. I have three backs and the one that jams is intermittent. I take it off the camera and tap it and wiggle the lever and it recovers. Damn backs are too expensive though.

    I took some beach photos at a wedding that really came out nice, also. Shots were at sunset, hand held, using the 90mm and prism finder. Something like f/4 at 1/60 I think on tri x. It turned out that depth of field was my enemy. Will post one soon. You all take it easy. Steve.
  9. Curt
    Isn't it interesting that a film back can cost as much as a body? I haven't tried using my three Grafmatics yet, I like roll film emulsions too much. I have three Graphic roll holders and I did use the two 2x3, the third one is 6x6. They have the knobs instead of the levers, maybe that better I don't know.
    I found a roller missing on one of the KEH holders, it's the roller that presses on the center of the roll, it doesn't seem to matter, it works as needed. The newer RB backs look a bit fragile compared to the older Graphic models.
    I noticed that a seal between the adapter and the body was never put on or was never supposed to be there. I found a Mamiya company, forgot the name right now, but they had the laser cut seal for it so I go one from Japan and put it on. After using a 645 for so long seeing the bigger negatives are a real joy.

  10. clwyd
    Hi, I've just recently brought an RZ. Taken two rolls with it so far, just messing around, its amazing how big the negs are compared with the 35mm i've been using. Still getting use to the view finder and no meter. Any tips gratfully received. Regards Chris.
  11. optique
    Hey Guys, I am kinda proud of this image. Taken with my RB and 90mm. Hope this link works:http://www.apug.org/gallery/showphot...=39326&limit=1
  12. Curt
    I saw the photo in the link, very nice and great technique.
  13. Justin Cormack
    Justin Cormack
    I bought my RB from a friend who was moving to Australia. I do like it a lot. I have the 90mm, but would like a lens for studio portraits (something i havent tried much but would like to) - what does anyone recommend?
  14. Curt
    If I were to have one lens for this camera it would be the 180mm, they seem to be readily available and aren't that expensive, maybe find one to put on and see for yourself. I don't know much about the 127mm maybe someone can tell you about it.
  15. optique
    Hey Chris,

    The 120 negative size is really nice coming from 35mm. But take a look at 4x5!

    You mentioned getting used to the view finder. Do you have the prism or WLF?

    The WLF is nice becase it is so light, but the prism is nice for faster shots, I feel. Plus, sometimes glare makes the prism better too.

    About metering, get yourself a Sekonic L358 for about $250 new. That is what I have used for many years and I really like it. No doubt, there are many other good meters, too. My Mamiya 6 has a built in meter but I rarely use it.

    ABout RZ vs RB, I wonder how much better the KL glass is than the C glass? Is this something you can see in a print?

    The RB is my favorite camera by far. If it was not for film back problems, it has been trouble free.
  16. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    Can I join up with you folks? I have own my RB since 1982 or so. It's been my work horse for most of my photographic career. Love the big neg and the cost effect of using a roll film.
    Any camera that has the same initials as me can't be but a great camera!
  17. Curt
    Robert, I've had a Mamiya 645 for thirty years, I wish I would have gotten the RB much sooner, it really grows on you fast. I like Rollei Pan 25 and Ilford Pan F which are only available in roll film.
  18. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    What I like about the RB is that it's totally battery less. I had a friend who had the RZ and his died while we were in the field.
    I mostly photograph in color, using Velvia and Provia. But for my B&W it's Pan F, HP5 and FP4. Pyro for all.
  19. MikeSeb
    Hi, all. I'm not an RB/RZ user YET, but I'm contemplating the purchase for all the reasons you already know--huge negative, great lenses, tough camera. My current MF gear is a Contax 645 system, pretty pimped out, as well as a Mamiya 7 and a Mamiya C220. Some of this gear will likely get sold if the RB/RZ lives up to expectation.

    I find myself shooting mainly portraits and urban landscapes/architectural/abstract stuff, using mostly the contax and the C220. My most used lens on the Contax is the 140, followed by the 55 and then the 80; for the M7 it's the 80 then the 50. So it seems I have a bias for the slightly to moderately wide, and for the "portrait"-length short tele.

    Knowing that, which lenses would you folks recommend? I can likely only afford one or two to start with, pending sale of some other gear. I'm leaning towards the RZ, if that makes a difference.

    Any advice about lenses or other issues would be most appreciated also.
  20. Savvycfi
    Hello All, I am an avid RB pro s user and love everything about this tank of a camera. I just recently purchased the 4.5 50mm C lens and was wondering if this lens that has the floating element? and if so how to use / adjust it. Thanks for the help!
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