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New life for my RB

  1. Robert Brummitt
    Hello everyone.
    I haven't posted anything on this sub forum but I want to share with you something I think fits here and with APUG's over all ideas.
    Recently, a friend passed away and I watched his family sell off his cameras, darkroom, photography and books. It made me think about my gear. I didn't just wish it to be sold off. So, I went over to a local high school and talked to the instructor there.
    For the pass two months, I have taken my RB plus another to the school to let the students try their hand at medium format photography. Its been Great! I get to work with the kids and discuss the benefits of the camera like the information in one 6x7 neg is equal to a 35/40 meg digital camera. That the cost of such digital camera is that of a mid size sedan.
    I watched one young man take his roll of film in hand and quickly spool it into a tank. It was like watching a small child on Christmas morning. He was that excited!
    I now have a third RB coming, being donated by a noted landscape photographer and possibly a forth soon. So I feel that I'm giving my RB a new life.
  2. k_jupiter
    Actually, one digital camera is the cost of the entire GDP of Sudan.
    But... If I were to die tomorrow (Big Truck Theory of Life), I would feel sorry for my GF who would have 9 years of accumulated junk to get rid of including 50 cameras she knows nothing about, 4 enlargers, a ton of sheet film processing stuff, lots of chemicals, sheet and roll film to stock half a fridge, and let's not mention my woodworking tools and sewing machines. I won't mention my collection of antique coffee pots...
    Keep up the good work. I am teaching one teen ager at a time, my daughter. No one else that I have seen in the Valley is very interested in learning the ins and outs of conventional photography. If it ain't an IPhone, it just ain't.

    tim in san jose
  3. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    Opps I spelled the wrong word.
    I meant sedan the car not Sudan the country.
  4. analoguey
    This is a lovely idea @robert, I shall try and see if it also works out here!
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