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I didn't know this group existed!

  1. stradibarrius
    I have been a member here at APUG for a year or so and never realized that this group existed!
    My RB is my favorite camera...that includes my wonderful Nikon D300.
    The RB and the thoughtful process is more fun IMHO...
  2. mopar_guy
    Isn't APUG great! This site is like an oasis in the desert.

    I also really like my RB. It practically runs itself. All I have to remember to do is:
    Load film in the magazine.
    Take off the lens cap.
    Set an aperture.
    Set a shutter speed.
    Cock the shutter.
    Advance the film.
    Pull the dark slide.
    Compose the shot.
    Release the shutter.
    Replace the dark slide.

    This process gives me time to think. And those wonderful 6x7 negatives or chromes are great.
  3. stradibarrius
    That's it...simple! LOL!! I love the process and I love to look at the negatives.
  4. m_allard
    I also just realized this group existed...I'm now signed up!
  5. bluedog
    I just found out this group existed. I have only been a member of APUG a little over 2 and 1/2 years. Amazing what you can find when you start looking.

    There isn't much happening in the RZ Group so I thought I would try here. I have an RZ67 and love the whole process in getting each photograph. Slow and methodical, quite meditative really. Love that big shutter noise and the chromes are so impressive.

    The only bit I don't like is lugging it and 3 lenses around and lets not forget the tripod!
  6. HairyHippy
    The only bit I don't like is lugging it and 3 lenses around and lets not forget the tripod!

    Seconded. However at photo time the audience is always enthralled by the steam technology. I carry a black cloth for added fun.

    Back at base those negs or chromes are a joy. Printing is fun and then great pics that last a lifetime and can be blown up to poster size.

    So simple and straightforward. Not a pixel in sight.
  7. eskerman
    I am also dabbling with the idea of investing in an RB67 (prefer Pro SD). I haven't jumped in yet, doing the research and looking at prices for camera's. Its a feast on prices, and all from as little as $60 for body only to up over $1000 for a package. If I decide to buy an RB67 I will try to get one in top condition 8/10 or higher. I think I may just buy body only and build the kit up. I have seen some results from the RB and I do agree they are stunning. The process also makes one slow down and think about the procedure of making a shot and that also appeals to me a lot.

    Still kinda sitting on the fence with this... but still keen to commit
  8. eskerman
    Took the plunge this week and bought myself a Pro SD. Looks like a good one.. its 9/10 condition both cosmetically and mechanically, fingers crossed all I need to do now is get some practicing done. I decided to invest in this old mechanical 120 instead of upgrading to a full frame 5D Mk 2 (Shhh Digital)
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