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Not much activity here ???

  1. stradibarrius
    As popular as the RB is here on APUG I would have thought this group would be more active and more photos posted???
    I will post a couple of shots and hopefully someof you will post something too.
  2. mopar_guy
    Yeah, these social forums seem to be a little less than social.

    Thanks for posting some photos, I was beginning to think that I was weird.
  3. Bosaiya
    "Thanks for posting some photos, I was beginning to think that I was weird."

    Not that one should preclude the other, of course.
  4. mopar_guy
    OK, so I'm a little socially challenged.
  5. Curt
    I got caught up in preparing for and attending a workshop and starting carbon transfer and now I'm preparing for a carbon transfer and platinum workshop so I haven't had much time to check in here. I still have my camera system and intend to use it in the future. It travels better than a large format camera. I'm saving for a scanner and thinking about scanning 120 and even making d****al negatives for alt processes. The RB67 will suit me nicely when that happens. I really like shooting roll film, especially after developing over a hundred sheets of film from the workshop with my field camera.

  6. MiddleGrayStudios
    Just got my RB67 Pro-SD setup, but yeah it does seem kind of dead here. I've been frequenting the Flickr group as of late.
  7. Curt
    I plan to use my RB more this year, getting older and want the freedom to move. I have the ProS and really like it, I've not seen a camera with this much flexibility in a medium format of this type. I was looking at the Mamiya 7II but the price, and the close focusing, I'll stick with it the RB for now. I've taken a Mamiya 645 to Europe with lenses and inserts without a problem with weight and even though the RB is heavier it's the camera I'll take on my next trip. I took the 645 to Hawaii and all the time wished I had the RB, live and learn.
  8. jaimeb82
    I am planning on using my RB67 a bit more this year also, I just got a 50mm lens and tested it with slide film today during my lunch break. I got this camera two years ago and almost forgot how nice it is to carry around. I will be posting my test photos from today in a few days. Cheers!
  9. Curt
    I took my RB ProS to Arches along with a view camera, 5x7, a couple of years ago, the RB was such a release, horizontal to vertical just a twist. One photograph of "Balanced Rock" taken late on a hot day is very nice. Once tamed Rollei Pan 25 yields spectacular results. Rodinal 1:50, Rodinal keeps a long time and is always ready to go. Very easy kit with the RB, fine film and an easy developer.

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