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  1. scotts08
    Hey guys just joined the group so that I would say Hi. Maybe get some introductions going for all new members and reintroduce the exisiting ones. Currently shooting with RZ and usually either a 100-200 zoom or 180 prime. Also using various 35mm including Practika and also Mamiya and Canon rangefinders.
    I hope to start up a gallery in due course on APUG but until then its early mornings and late nights in the darkroom!!

  2. mopar_guy
    Hi Scott,

    Nice to have a new member. What do you like to shoot with your RZ.

  3. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    Diligence and Perserverance. I like it. Noble. Good luck with that. ;p

    No, nice to meet you Scott. Do you have a dedicated darkroom, use community or setup and tear down as needed? Just curious. I'm a member of the latter for film and printing both.
  4. scotts08
    Hi guys

    I love to shop landscapes but living in central London doesn't accommodate that as much as I would like. Also the RZ is a beast to carry around the hills!!

    Sometimes struggle with urban landscape inspiration but trying to teach myself this!

    As for the darkroom at the moment its a build and tear down affair but I do have a permanent one fairly close to me that I can use / rent if I want to

    What do you guys shoot?
  5. mopar_guy
    My 35mm system is Olympus OM: I have several bodies and lenses from 21mm to 500mm.

    I have an RB 67 Pro SD with a KL 180mm lens. I really love this camera but it seems that I don't use it very often.

    Finally I have a few Speed Graphics, Crown Graphics and a couple of Graflex SLR's that I take out occasionally. I think that my Graflex RB Super D and my Mamiya RB Pro SD are related. Set them side-by-side and it is easy to see the similarities.

    I happen to live in a part of the world that has an abundance of gorgeous scenery so right now it seems that I am over 90% landscape.

  6. scotts08
    That really makes me jealous. I hould be inspired around London but I cant get into it at all.

    Nice set up of kit you should get out there with it and push your limits! God knows Im trying to do that!!

    My photography journey has come from 35mm to med format (Bronica and 645) to monorail to field camera (toyo 45c which I loved) to Nikon D2 and D2x then a lengthy break and back to 35mm and 67, which i love.

    That an my own darkroom printing and Im a happy man!
  7. smcclarin
    Hello all, i am new to this forum, as well as APUG.
    I am selfdescribed as a
    noob amature film photographer.
    I have past experience with film but after a huge hiatus and a 5 year venture into Digital Point and shoot (3 years underwater in Saipan) including a foray into UV flash effects with Coral (nightsea.com)
    That interest has taught me an appreciation for light falloff caused by water, but my interest after moving back to Utah has returned to Medium format film.
    I simply crave the thoughfulness of the whole analog process, as well as manual focus, and a more controlled environment where knowledge and understanding yield quality results that often surpasses the results from automated gadgetry in modern cameras.

    I bought an RB 67 Pro S and have since been slowly building up a system for lanscapes here in Utah.
    A little about me, My father took me into his college darkroom classes when I was 11! It made a larger impact on me in later life than I realized, I will be building my own permanent darkroom in my basement end of 2011. I currently plan on using an Omega B600 enlarger (gift from a friend) primarily for black and white, untill I can find an enlarger capable of printing from 6x7 negatives. I expect to be posting my first (Neg Scanned black and white) images of Antelope Island from September 2010 soon.

    My current RB setup is:
    RB67 Pro S body (200.00 on ebay with 3 backs and 90mm C lens as a set)
    90mm C lens
    50mm C lens (180.00 on ebay in good condition)
    waist level viewfinder came with camera body + an extra that is permanently up with a plastic adapter hood.
    G2 bellows (recenlty acquired 40.00 on Ebay)
    4 6x4.5 film backs (3 came with the body) - Any chance of modifying these to 6x7? possibly with double winding between exposures?4 rotating adapters (came with the backs)
    Manfrotto pro ball head (11lbs rated) and aluminum Manfrotto tripod quick snap lever = pinched fingers!~! (older than 055x but just as sturdy) {13 Lbs rated}
    Tiffen Yellow filter (came with 90mm C lens)
    Kodak Red 25 filter (3 dollar offer on e-bay accepted)

    anyway, I wanted to thank you for offering the stuck lens advice on APUG it saved me a trip to Forsters camera repair in SLC and now I can trouble shoot my own stuck shutter issues with a bobbypin!
    Its great to have such a knowledge base to explore photography with. thanks guys. You have allready saved me hundreds!
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