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Downsizing. Will be selling my RB67

  1. Perry Way
    So, I've decided to put some finishing touches with "working for the man" and later this year take off and hit the road. And if things go the way I want them to I won't be stopping anywhere for any long period of time until I've photographed the country (USA).

    So, I'm going mobile and when I do, I won't have the room for this huge RB kit any more. So at this moment I'm considering how I should price it. Anyone with a good idea? I want someone to buy it right away but I don't want 10 buyers who will buy it right away, just one. So the price has to be fair all ways around.

    Here's the items I've got:

    • RB 67 Pro body
    • 2 120 backs
    • 50mm lens
    • 90mm lens
    • 140mm macro lens
    • waistfinder
    • chimney finder
    • 3 viewfinder screens (I have the coveted grid screen)
    • prism finder (cds but meter does not work)
    • grip with flash bracket
    • three lens hoods (they are the correct ones for each lens)
    • 3 b&w filters
    • 2 Cokin filters and adapters
  2. Curt
    What are you going to use for your trip?

  3. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    Well I decided against selling my kit. I have actually added to it recently with one of those bellows vignetting units, some filters and a new grip with a much better trigger on it.
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