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How to carry a RZ67 camera...

  1. slumry
    My RZ camera came with the original strap, the one that fits over the metal studs near the front. This arrangement is unbalanced and makes it difficult to carry the camera while just walking around. It also seems to put too much weight on the neck if the camera is carried for a long time. Is there a better solution?
  2. Inlitero
    This sin't really a 'walking around' camera so much, though it's do-able. I know that the lugs on the camera that the strap attaches to are faceted so that the strap can be positioned in three ways, one of them with the camera pointing lens down (or up). Maybe a little better balanced for you. Another solution would be to find a pack mule somewhere. It's a heavy camera.
  3. slumry
    Brilliant, of course I miss the obvious and never thought of carrying the camera vertically. Thanks Inlitero, this easily justifies the cost of membership. The stud and clip system is a bit odd and takes some getting use to, but I seems to actually work. Thanks.
  4. polyglot
    I put mine on the tripod and the tripod over the shoulder. If going handheld, it nestles quite well in the crook of one arm.
  5. Zvargulis
    I have a left hand grip attached, when I go mobile I like to hang onto the camera by the leather strap that's part of the grip, like a shopping bag.
    Although these days my RZ is always on a tripod, and like polyglot mentioned tripod over the shoulder is the way to go.
    Unless shooting portraits I never hand hold my RZ I find I can never get a level horizon.
  6. vibrance
    I have mine on in a camera backpack (Lowepro Pro Runner 350 AW) that also packs a tripod when I'm out and about with the Mamiya. Sometimes I just take a handheld portrait shot and otherwise I mount it on the tripod depend on the occation and type of shot. I also have the original strap but never use it. This works for me as it's not a real street photography camera that I just want to rush out and shoot with anyway...
  7. cedwards4334
    I carry mine with the L-Handle and prism finder attached and the BlackRapid Double attached to the bottom. Then it makes a great street camera. I disconnect the straps and carry the camera on my left side. Watch the videos on the BlackRapid site. I carried my RZ all day for three days at the worlds largest 3 on 3 basketball in Spokane, WA.

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