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Mamiya RZ67 AE Prism Finder FE701

  1. k.hendrik
    I have some trouble metering with my Sekonic L-398A combined to the Pro II with the 2.8-110; it's mostly 1 or 2 steps over. What will happen using an 60 or 180mm, so I'm thinking about the FE 701; what are your ideas ? Isn't there a chimney type of metering finder ?
  2. Keith Tapscott.
    Keith Tapscott.
    I have the FE701 metered prism finder, but I rarely use it except when I do close-ups. I mostly use the WLF with the camera on a tripod.
    It might be better to trade your current light-meter for one that can do incident and also has a spotmeter like the Sekonic L-508 or similar rather than buying an FE701.
  3. k.hendrik
    Thanks, I will try a spotmeter before buying FE 701.
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