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camera backpack for RZ and other stuff

  1. rz67
    Just wondered what people are using to lug the black brick around. I need something that will have enough room for one body, two lenses, two film backs, polaroid back,
    a few filters, a meter, a tripod, and some ibuprofen. I tend to walk a lot with my camera, and would like a backpack style bag.
    Any recommendations??
  2. landscapepics
    Mine's a Lowepro Fastpack 250. In the lower compartment I fit the RZ with one lens, film back, and WLF fitted, another lens, and a spare film back. The top compartment takes filters, possibly a third lens and extension tubes.

    I try to put a vacuum flask in the netted side pocket, but the flask sometimes slips out when I put the bag on my back. I'll generally have some food and a waterproof on longer trips; the food goes in any spare space in the top compartment and the waterproof is strapped underneath the outside pocket. A folded reflector can fit in the compartment designed for laptops.

    It is, to be honest, a bit of a squeeze to get it all in. If a prism is in use, it won't be possible to store a lens in the bottom compartment as well. I have an incentive to try and cut down the number of lenses carried, and stuff kept in the top compartment needs some extra padding - a woolly hat does the job !

    My ibuprofen fits well in a little pocket in the top compartment ...

    There is I think a slightly larger model, the 350, which should be less of a squeeze.

    I don't have a method of carrying the tripod in or on the camera bag.. I use a very large Manfrotto ART 750 which is carried in hand.

  3. rz67
    Thanks for the info. Yeah, the 250 looks like a squeeze. Might see about getting the 350........
  4. Xuco Martin
    Xuco Martin
    Besides the bag also needs a mule
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