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Flash for RZ67 Pro

  1. Mfilippo55
    Can I use my Nikon speedlight sb-600 with my RZ67 Pro? I also have the left handed grip with the shoe on top. I have read conflicting answers elsewhere.
  2. photoexcel
    The camera and flash gun dont work in TTL but as long as the flash gun has manual or Automatic settings then you can use it. I use the SB800 on the left hand grip. Determine your exposure and then set the output of the flash gun on the flashgun.
  3. rz67
    Isn't the shoe on the grip a cold shoe? So you could mount the flash there, and use a sync cable to fire the flash. Correct me if I'm wrong.....
  4. MJEG
    rz67 is right about the.... rz67. Its a cold shoe, but with the proper sync cord a flash can be triggered (frankly I prefer to not mount the flash on the (/any) camera, but thats tricky with the RZs size/heft)
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