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Light leak on Mamiya RZ67 Pro

  1. CJHarky

    I have recently bought a second hand RZ67 and put my first roll of film through which came back with a light leak on some but not all of the photos in both landscape and portrait formats. The leak varies in strength on the photos affected. The leak is always in the same position. Does anyone have any ideas on where this could be coming from and how I can check where the leak is?
    Appreciate any help on this.
  2. CJHarky
    I have tried to post a photo but not sure how on the forum!
  3. Ozxplorer
    I know that I'm a little late re this issue... I suggest you check the seals of the film back. I have noted that these deteriorate overtime - the neoprene degrades. This is particularly prevalent in respect of the early model film backs. I have recently needed to repair a number of backs because of this issue. It is possible to purchase pre-cut seal kits from Germany for self installation. Good luck.
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