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180mm lenses - how to choose

  1. dsidelnikov
    Hi all.
    I'm thinking about buying Sekor 180mm lens. But there are so much variants: W, W-N, M L, ... may be others. I've tried to find information about all this lenses, with no success. Could anybody help me and tell me what 180mm lenses have ever produced and what is the difference?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. vibrance

    Hope you got your answer somewhere else as it's some time ago you posted your question about the 180 mm. I don't have any mayself but am considering one but am not sure as I have the 110, 140 and 250 mm which makes me almost cover what I need. Anyway, about the only informative post I have seen that covers mamiya lenses for the RZ is this one from a subjektiv perspektiv. Hard to find any "hard facts" if you are looking for any. Check out the post here:
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