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Meetup #3 - July 23rd?

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  1. sokrasins
    I gave into temptation a few days ago and bought a cambo SCII monorail, my first 4x5! I must be crazy to try to shoot one of these in the field... I'm super excited about using it, I just bought film from B&H today, though I'm not sure yet if I have a bag large enough to carry it, as it hasn't arrived yet. I'll either bring this, or my mamiya 645 with tripod. I'm hoping for the cambo, but betting on the mamiya.
  2. M.A.Longmore
    Damn it Stan !
    When are you going to learn how to resist the urges to buy another camera ???

    I'm planning on bringing my 4X5 Monorail camera also. I just bought a box of Ektachrome 4X5 & some E100G - 120.
    And I have a roll film adapter so that should keep me busy for a few hours on Saturday evening, hopefully ...

    Methinks, that we will definitely have a Magnificent Meet Up !

  3. sokrasins
    Looking forward to Saturday!

    If you need, my cell number is 423-914-1379, in case you're running late. Also, I have internet access on my phone, so if you need to call, text, post on the forum, or send smoke signals, I should get it.

    See you soon!
  4. sokrasins

    I may never learn. Prognosis: negative
  5. LudditeJay
    Cool. I'll be there. Just to clarify I copied this:

    On the 16th, let's meet at coney island, maybe in front of the coney island beach shop on stilwell ave (google map: http://bit.ly/nq10BG )? Maybe at 5 pm, to allow for some later shots once the sun goes down?
  6. rcam72
    Just woke up. I have some stuff to take care of but I'll head down as soon as I can. I'll call Stan when I'm in Coney.

  7. sokrasins
    Great, see you at coney Raul!
  8. paul ron
    paul ron
    I think I found it... am I in the right place?

    So I see July 30th is the next one? I'll chcek the calendar to be sure I'm free. Anyone like meeting during the week instead? weekends are rough with the subways in my area, lots of construction on my lines, 2 and 5, are shut down on weekends.

  9. sokrasins
    Hey paul ron,

    This is the right place! As you've seen, there are a couple meet-ups planned in the future: one on July 30th, and one on August 10th (a Wednesday). I've been organizing on weekends in the past since I figured it would be easier for most, but if you want some meet-ups during the week, that can certainly be arranged! Just check the group for new meetings, or post your own, if you like!

    - Stan
  10. LudditeJay
    Another awesome meetup. NY is a perfect muse. I have had a chance to dev the roll of b&w I shot.

    img002 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img017 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  11. LudditeJay

    img018 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img019-Edit by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img021 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  12. LudditeJay
    I dropped off 3 rolls at Target and got back 2 that were mine. I am pretty pissed as I know there were awesome shots on that roll. I am going to give them a piece of my mind. My third roll is an entire roll of flower shots

    img023 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img025 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img022-Edit by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  13. sokrasins
    This meetup was a huge learning experience for me, and my first time out with my 4x5 monorail. Things I learned:
    1. I am not used to wide angle lenses (90mm)
    2. Some of my film holders probably have light leaks (though not sure which ones)
    3. Need more practice with camera movements

    Here's my set on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sokrasi...7627236367410/

    I have some more on an unfinished roll in my nikon F3. One it's finished up, I'll let you know!
  14. LudditeJay
    Too bad about the light leaks, but even so the Zenobio ride photo is still came out pretty damn cool. I kinda like how the face looks like it has lasers shooting from it's eyes .

    I have another of you setting up. Need to upload it.
  15. LudditeJay
    I guess I got some Pathmark stains on this one lol.

    img042-Edit by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  16. LudditeJay
    And one of you Ron

    img037-Edit by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  17. sokrasins
    I can't believe Target lost one of your rolls! Nevertheless, you've got some amazing shots in what you've posted!

    These meet-ups are always so much fun
  18. M.A.Longmore
    Hi Stan,

    Excellent idea to start The Manhattan MeetUp Group !
    Hopefully The Killian Krew will be reunited for The Midnight MeetUp with TheBanana.
    I might be traveling light that night, so we'll have to find another spot to rest our beers.
    And definitely looking forward to our Morning To Midnight Coney Island MeetUp !

  19. LudditeJay
    All is well. I retrieved my roll yesterday. It was a mix up, things happen. I should have known better and checked the rolls before I left, which I will do in the future. The two color shots of you and Ron were from that missing roll. I have a couple more that I'll probably share. Hopefully I'm not flooding the thread too much

    I also must echo Ron's sentiment about the group, great idea.
  20. rcam72
    Finally got the roll developed. Here's the link. To the ones I scanned.

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