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Meetup #3 - July 23rd?

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  1. sokrasins
    Time to plan the third meetup! So far they've been a lot of fun, and I've been learning a lot.

    How does July 23rd sound?

    Anyone have suggestions for a location? The last meetup was more advantageous to small and medium format, what if we try for a location easier for large format and tripods? LudditeJay suggested the possibility of an outing around the evening. Other suggestions?
  2. LudditeJay
    The 23rd is good for me. As for a location, any place would be good as it will certainly be new to me .
  3. maliha
    Cool! I know I'll be in town, but a friend may visit me that weekend... I'll let you guys know what's cooking within a week or so! =)
  4. rcam72
    I'll be on vacation for the last two weeks of July so I'll have to miss the next one.

    When thinking of tri-pods and large format cameras I always picture open spaces, so my suggestion would be Central Park.

  5. M.A.Longmore
    July 23rd. !!!

    That's Camilles' Birthday.
    That wouldn't be good for me.
    I'll be available on July 16th., or 30th.

  6. sokrasins
    Maybe we should change the date then.

    What about the others, do you prefer the 16th or the 30th?

    I'm still interested in suggestions too :P
  7. LudditeJay
    I am also free the 16th. That seems like a day that everyone, who has responded, can meet.

    How about Coney Island? It sounds like an interesting place. What it be too crowded on a Saturday to be dragging tripod around?
  8. sokrasins
    Coney island is fine with me! Saturday could be busy during the day, especially at around noon, but I think the crowds tend to get less dense in the evening. If coney island is ok with others, it might be good to meet in the afternoon.

    Everyone else ok with the 16th?
  9. rcam72
    I may be able to, depending on the time. I work Saturday nights.

    Coney Island would be a good place. If I remember right this is the last season for the businesses on the boardwalk near the amusement park. Goodbye interesting stuff I like about Coney. It would be an interesting project for you documentary types to go there on the last day of the season and shoot.
  10. M.A.Longmore
    The 16th. would be perfect !
    Anytime, Any Place I'll be there !!!

    Hopefully, you can make it Malhia, I need my copy of Film And Grains autographed by the Publisher !

  11. maliha
    awww crap! My friend just moved up the date and now is visiting that weekend of July 16
    AND... July 23rd is my birthday too!!

    How about we do... may be both the 16th and 30th? Then I can join you guys on the 30th ...:-s

    :-( if it's the 16th then I may not be able to make it... May be the August meet up then?
  12. LudditeJay
    I don't have a problem with either the 16th or the 30th. I even have a very good chance of being free to attend both days.
  13. sokrasins
    Ok, why don't we plan for both days?

    On the 16th, let's meet at coney island, maybe in front of the coney island beach shop on stilwell ave (google map: http://bit.ly/nq10BG )? Maybe at 5 pm, to allow for some later shots once the sun goes down?

    I'll start a new discussion for the 30th as well!
  14. maliha
    SWEET!! 30th it is for me then!! =)
  15. LudditeJay
    Awesome. I should be available both weekends so count me in.
  16. rcam72
    The 16th is a definite maybe. I'll be out out of the country on the 30th.
  17. M.A.Longmore
    I'll See Yous On The Sixteenth !

  18. Steven K
    Steven K
    Would love to join you on the 30th if you don't mind one more-

  19. LudditeJay
    Of course, there's always room.
  20. sokrasins
    Of course! We'll see you there Steven!
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