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Meetup #4 - July 30th

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  1. sokrasins
    We're planning a meetup for July 30th! Any ideas for a location?
  2. maliha
    Is there any type we are going to be shooting? Landscape, People, etc.?
  3. sokrasins
    Do you have a preference? I've been trying to suggest places that have a little of everything, but if you have a specific interest, let me know!
  4. Steven K
    Steven K
    Are these usually during the day, or might people be up for a sunset shoot? On the 30th sunset will be at 8:14pm. But in any case Battery Park City and the Esplanade there have a view to the Hudson to west, there's a marina, some gardens, and some interesting architecture across West Street and to the south, if folks might be interested. And there will probably be a decent number of pedestrians around, too.
  5. sokrasins
    I'm good for a sunset shoot, sounds like a cool idea to me! What about everyone else?
  6. LudditeJay
    If I can point my camera at it I would probably be interested in photographing it. I'm down for anything, and variety is always better, so count me in for a sunset shoot.
  7. LudditeJay
    Any other suggestions for the 30th?
  8. Newt_on_Swings
    I probably cant make it on the 30th (2 birthday parties to attend that day) unless its a rainout. keep me posted for the next event please!
  9. sokrasins

    Sorry for the late response, I've been sick for a bit. There is a chance I won't be able to make it this saturday. I'll know for sure friday and I'll let you all know when I know.
    As per Steven K's suggestion, why don't we meet at the corner of West st. and Albany st. (map: http://bit.ly/qdrdKq ) at 7 pm? It'll give us a bit of time to walk around before sunset. I'm not very familiar with the area, so if you have an alternate suggestion, let me know!

    - Stan
  10. Steven K
    Steven K
    That should work fine; let's make it the SW corner. FYI there's a pedestrian overpass you can reach from Rector street if you're coming from the subways to the east, just cross it, make a right on the far end, go down the ramp, and you'll be right there.

    Speaking of subways, I just checked the MTA website, the 4 and 5 will not be running south of Brooklyn Bridge this weekend, so our best options will be the 1 to Rector St or the R to Rector St.

    See you Saturday -
  11. sokrasins
    Cool, thanks Steven!
  12. sokrasins

    I will, in fact, me joining tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  13. LudditeJay
    Sounds good. I will most likely be joining you guys tomorrow. What kind of gear will you guys be bringing?
  14. Steven K
    Steven K
    My only reliable film camera at the moment is my 6x6 Zeiss Ikon Ikonta folder. So that will be with me along with a d*****l spot meter/polaroid, tripod, etc.

    BTW, the city has announced that the Hudson river is back to normal status and is open for use, so hopefully water traffic will be back to its usual photogenic level.

  15. sokrasins
    I'll be bringing my mamiya 645 with a tripod. I just got a hold of some velvia, so I may give that a try early in the evening....
  16. sokrasins

    As usual, here's my number: 423-914-1379

    Feel free to call, text, or whatever if there are any problems!
  17. maliha
    I'm so sorry I missed out. Hope you guys had fun and took tons of great photographs. I will join in the next one for sure!!!
  18. sokrasins
    Steve and I had a great meetup this past Saturday! The light was amazing, and I can't wait until I'm able to get my rolls developed. I would definitely recommend battery park city for the camera-equipped. At this point I have a decent-sized pile of color rolls building, so Its probably time to get on the ball and develop them.

    Great suggestion Steve! Hope to see you all at the next meet up!
  19. Steven K
    Steven K
    I had a great time as well, and hope to prove it with some scans. I have some Acros to develop, and some Velvia and Provia to take to my lab. I'll put some scans up and post here when I do.

    Thanks Stan! And I look forward to meeting more of the group in the future.
  20. LudditeJay
    Glad to hear you guys had a good time. I wanted to make it, but there was just no way. Next time for sure.
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