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Potential Meetup 08/20 or 08/21

  1. LudditeJay
    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up this weekend? I am down for pretty much any of the suggestions discussed in the post below.
  2. sokrasins
    Yeah, I'm in for this weekend! What about the 20th?
  3. LudditeJay
    Cool. I can't absolutely confirm that I will be available this weekend but things are looking good. I will probably know for sure later in the week. Where did you have in mind?
  4. rcam72
    I work saturday & sunday nights, so I may/may not be able to go. It would depend on the time chosen.
  5. sokrasins
    How about chinatown?
  6. LudditeJay
    I am down for that. What time would be good for you Raul?
  7. rcam72
    I get up around 1, so 3pm would probably be the earliest I could get in.
  8. sokrasins
    How about we meet at 4 pm? Or later?
  9. Newt_on_Swings
    I probably cant make this, but Ive shot a bunch in chinatown. I would recommend checking out under the manhattan bridge veggie market, Chatham square, Columbus park, Pell St., the front of the Manhattan bridge columns, also Grand St. Canal is a bit boring and crowded, plus its a pester when they try to sell you a watch or bag on every corner, but its unavoidable as it's a main street in chinatown. If you guys are up for the walk, SOHO isnt far at all, great place for people shooting.

    or you can also check out more of the lower east side if you head down to Allen St. or further down to Seward park. There are tons of galleries and boutique shops there with a eclectic mix of people.
  10. maliha
    i love the idea to meet in soho. i love that place and it's always full of interesting people. a bit crowded, but totally worth it! but, yes, even if it's not soho, i'd still love to meet up this time for sure... (unless something unusual comes up)!
  11. rcam72
    4pm should be okay for me. Chinatown or SOHO?
  12. sokrasins
    Why don't we meet in chinatown, and then make our way to soho after a bit?
    How do you feel about meeting at 4 by the Grand st. subway station (B,D) at the corner of Grand and Chrystie st? http://bit.ly/nhletj

    As always, my number is 423-914-1379. Let us know if you're joining!
  13. maliha
    Cool. Will be there.
  14. aatonpanavision
    I'll be up in NY in September, so can't make this one but can't wait to meet some apugers.
  15. sokrasins
    aatonpanavision, looking forward to meeting you next month!
  16. aatonpanavision
    Thanks yeah, I'm really excited.
  17. maliha
    Sorry guys can't make it today again. Last minute call for assisting the photographer I'm working with this summer. =(
  18. sokrasins
    Ahh, too bad! Hopefully I'll see you at the next meetup, hopefully will be soon.
  19. maliha
    Yes, hopefully. When will it be? It's a bummer because I have this Pentax medium format camera I've borrowed from someone for a few days that I'm dying to try out, and was hoping to do that during the meet-up... =(
  20. sokrasins
    Just got all of my film developed; it's a mix of b+w and slide! My first rolls of slide film have me hooked :P

    Here's the whole set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sokrasi...7627496612017/

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