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Next meetup: September 10th?

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  1. sokrasins
    Hey all,
    I just found out that I'll have to do something in the morning tomorrow, and I won't have time to meet anyone at their stops. So sorry, if you want help getting there, I can give detailed instructions, and my phone number is posted above. Sorry again. I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to make it on time, just no time beforehand.
  2. LudditeJay
    I wouldn't have a problem meeting you at Grand Central and taking the subway down to Chambers.

    I have never been to grand central so it would be something new for me, but shouldn't be hard. According to the MTA website we would need to take the 5 train and it would go right down to chambers from grand central.

    Grand central is about 9/10ths of a mile from the 33rd st. path stop. I could get off at 33rd and just walk to grand central. Let me know. I'll drop you line with my number.
  3. AnselAdamsX
    Hi Jason that sounds great. I will meet you there.

  4. Newt_on_Swings
    See you guys there, my phone is kinda bonkers getting it fixed at the apple store today, hopefully Ill have it back to call you guys at 3pm, or try and find a payphone lol
  5. sokrasins
    great, sounds like it'll be a great meetup! I'll see everyone in a bit!
  6. sokrasins
    Thanks for the fantastic meetup. I always get home exhausted and find that, despite all efforts, I end up with a few shots I really like :P

    Today I set about developing my 4x5's, a total of 8 shots. Developing them 1-at-a-time, my current set-up, would take 6 hours! So, I've bitten the bullet, and bought an HP combiplan at b and h. No complaints yet. It's a bit fiddly, but I managed to develop all my negs problem-free in a fraction of the time! I'll post scans later.
  7. LudditeJay
    It was a fun meetup, as always. I can't wait for the next. I am looking forward to seeing some images =).
  8. LudditeJay
    Great meetup. I didn't catch Joe or Katie unfortunately.

    img001 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr


    img004 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    Dueling Scooters

    img006 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr


    img007 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    1-Up Mushroom ahead

    img008 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    Lead foot

    img009 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    Down for repairs

    img005-Edit by Jason Rofls, on Flickr


    img002 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  9. sokrasins
    Alright, here are a few of my shots. I'm still getting the hang of composing on the ground glass. Need to remember to look at the WHOLE image, not just the middle :P

    The whole set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sokrasi...th/6142146451/

    Bridge support cables

    View from park
  10. Newt_on_Swings
    nice work, was a fun walk! I guess that new tank worked well! I gotta get around to developing my films. maybe this weekend if my visiting relatives give me some free time, my vacation just ended and now im back at work everyday =[ haha
  11. AnselAdamsX
    Great shots. I'm going to try and develop mine this weekend. I never developed before It took me a few days to recover. I weighed my pack when I got home and it was 45 pounds!
  12. sokrasins
    Woah, 45 lbs, that's quite a load, but I'd believe it. Looking forward to seeing your shots!
  13. AnselAdamsX
    Here is the first shot using the 65mm

    Here is one from the 47mm

    The Manhattan bridge as seen from the Brooklyn bridge. Used a 120mm lens
  14. LudditeJay
    Great shots guys.

    Stan, I love that second shot, bridge from dumbo. Other than wishing that tree wasn't there on the left the comp is fantastic.

    Chris, It is wild how wide that 47mm lens is! Nice.
  15. sokrasins
    Woah, your first shot is really cool Chris. Clearly, it pays off to be more assertive about camera placement!
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