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Next meetup: September 10th?

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  1. sokrasins

    What does everyone think of a meetup on sept 10th? There have been quite a few suggestions for upcoming meetups, so if anyone has a favorite, or a new suggestion, post away!

    Hope no one encountered any issues with hurricane Irene,
    - Stan
  2. maliha
    I'm almost scared to say that I will... seeing how the last two turned out... so I shall simply say,
    "I'll try my best!"
  3. sokrasins
    Haha, well, we'll all hope for the best! Hopefully the third time's a charm.
  4. LudditeJay
    Yes Yes Yes. Let's go somewhere. I have been too busy to pick up the camera since the August 10th meet
  5. sokrasins
    What about a meetup starting at Brooklyn bridge, walking into DUMBO? There are landscapes around the bridge, and then into Brooklyn, DUMBO area has a lot of street and architecture options.
  6. LudditeJay

    It looks like it would cool. I am certainly interested.
  7. sokrasins
    Indeed, that dumbo. Hipsters, weird buildings, and weird bars.
  8. maliha
    Now I really want to...
  9. Newt_on_Swings
    The bridge isnt the prettiest now, but dumbo sure is nice. Brooklyn bridge park is nice and renovated. I took a bunch last time, but alas Its lost in a a pile of film... the to be developed container lol
  10. sokrasins
    oooo, good to know about the bridge. Is that because of construction?

    So will you be joining us?
  11. maliha
    My photographer called to say I should leave the weekend free as she will need my assistance... =(
    Looks like can't make it this time either... unless her shoot gets cancelled or something like that... =(
  12. sokrasins
    Oh no! One of these day, its going to work out!
  13. LudditeJay
    What time would be good for meeting up?
  14. AnselAdamsX
    I interested in coming. I don't know much about the city but would like to know more. What is DUMBO? I'd like to get some shots of the bridge with my 4x5.

    I have to figure out whether to drive or if I can take a train. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a 1hr 22min drive according to Google but I have no idea what parking is like there. The train from Brewster will get me to grand central in the same amount of time but I don't know anything about the subway. Any suggestions?

  15. rcam72

    I won't provide suggestions since whatever I suggest will probably go wrong, so I'll give some information:

    My girlfriend's parents live in the area and parking isn't usually impossible to find on a weekend. The other issue regarding driving is the !@#ing traffic which can easily turn a 1hr22min trip into a 3 or 4 or 5 hour one. I usually take my GPS with me in case I need an alternate route. Depending on the route, you might have to pay a toll.

    It looks like the 2, 3, A, & C are the closest trains to the park. You can take the Metro North to Grand Central and then the Shuttle to Times Square to get the other trains. The issues here are your lack of familiarity with the area and having to keep the Metro North schedule in mind. Maybe Stan can arrange the rendezvous point close to the subway.

    I live in Port Chester and I usually drive down if it's a weekend and take the train during the week.

    Hope it helped,
  16. LudditeJay
    Hey Chris, Raul has some good info there. I come from NJ for the meetups and while I know how to get to NYC once I am there I am quite out of my element.

    My suggestion would be for us to try and arrange a meeting spot that would be easy for us to get to and go together on the subway or bus.

    When we met up for the Coney Island meet Stan(sokrasins) was cool enough to meet me in Manhattan and then I rode the subway with him to Coney Island. Hopefully we can do something similar this time.
  17. sokrasins
    Hey, sorry, the past two days have been jam-packed. How do you feel about meeting at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall subway stop, and the corner of Chambers and Center street ( http://g.co/maps/c9jp6 )? Maybe meet at 3 pm?
    I'm happy to meet anyone at an intermediate point if there's interest!

    DUMBO is an acronym, and stands for "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass". There's some info in the wiki article Jay posted earlier: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbo,_Brooklyn
    I've been once before, and it's a weird little area. It has a nice view back on Manhattan, and there will certainly be an opportunity for lots of bridge shots. There are a few cobblestone streets with weird boutique shops, and I think there's even a carousel somewhere. And there are definitely a lot of places to grab a bite or a beer, should the mood strike. It's a great area for doing some street shooting, if that's your thing. There should be a little bit of everything.

    Chris, we'd love it if you could join! Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide any info about parking, as I don't have a car here. Though, if you'd like me to meet you somewhere on the way to the bridge, I can certainly do that! Like Jay said, it worked out pretty well last time when I met with him at his train stop. If you give me an idea of where you'll be, whether it's a train station or a parking garage, I can meet you there. If you're not sure yet, that's fine too. My phone number is 423-914-1379. Feel free to call if you run into any problems!

    I was thinking about bringing my 4x5 too, it's good to know there might be someone else with one!
  18. LudditeJay
    3pm works for me.

    I also have absolutely no problem meeting somewhere convenient and taking the subway down with you guys. I almost always take the path into the city since it is the cheapest option.
  19. AnselAdamsX
    3pm sounds fine to me. I plan on taking the train into grand central and then catching the subway from there. So if anyone wants to meet at grand central that would be fine. My cell is 203-300-8775.

  20. rcam72
    3pm... I think I can make that, maybe, possibly.
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