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Double-X film

  1. sokrasins
    Finally got around to finishing up and developing the roll of Double-X that Newt_on_Swings gave me. I shot it at iso 200, developed in D76 1+1 dilution for 9.75 min. A source I found online indicated that D-76 was likely to fog the base a decent amount, and I found this to be true. Nevertheless, the results were pretty cool! A few of my results are posted below.

    Thanks again for the film, Newt!

  2. Newt_on_Swings
    Nice shots, its some cool stuff to shoot. Its really got that old timey look, though I usually develop it in Xtol, so its a bit finer grained. Also it might not be fog, the base itself is gray(edit, what i meant to say was that the thicker gray base might look a bit different as its movie stock), as indicated by Kodak. I got the can from this older guy who ran a electrical parts shop in Williamsburg, who was a photographer as well. Was brand new, but It was in deep freeze for awhile he said, ice cold to the touch haha. No date markings, but I read somewhere you could date it by looking at the encoding on the film itself. I never bothered lol

    If anyone else would like to try a roll let me know before the next meetup.

    You can find out more here: http://www.project-double-x.org/index.html
  3. LudditeJay
    These are fantastic results and absolutely bang-on composition in that second shot Stan. I still have the roll that Steve gave me and I plan to expose it at the next meetup.
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