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October meetup?

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  1. Steven K
    Yes, they are very close. Just walk south towards the bridge when you get out of the subway and you'll hit the tram station; it's hard to miss.

    Alternatively, you could get off the F at 63rd and walk to join us at the tram station; you'd get a free transfer onto the tram as well as the view. But if you'd rather go directly there, we could easily rendezvous once we're all on the island. You've got my number; just give me a ring once you're there and we'll figure it out.

  2. Newt_on_Swings
    Cool I will try and be there Sat. If the transfer is free, I would like to do the tram ride, havent done it in over 10 years atleast.
  3. LudditeJay
    Free transfer and a nice view? I think I'll do that then. How exactly does the transfer work. I see that on the MTA website they say transfers are available at the Lexington Ave/63rd st station but it has "with metrocard" in parenthesis. I am assuming that would be fine with a single ride metro card or am I mistaken? Thanks.
  4. Steven K
    Steven K
    I *think* it's a free transfer from the subway, but it's been years since I've taken it, so don't count on it. I looked online and couldn't confirm it. Forum posts I saw elsewhere said you could pay one fare to go to the island via tram, and then return via the F and a free transfer into the subway, but the transfers time out after 2 hours.

    So I'd have at least a round-trip metrocard with you when you get to the tram station, if you want to take it. If you'd rather not risk spending the $2.25 on the brief ride, just stay on the F and we can meet on the island.
  5. Steven K
    Steven K
    My apologies to all, I shall have to bow out, due to a rare chance to meet a dear friend of mine.

    Navigation is reasonably simple. The tram and subway stops are maybe 1/4 mile apart on the same road, they are easy to find. There is also a Red Bus that runs a loop route along the island, the fare is 25 cents (no metrocards accepted) that might be useful to ride to get a bit of an overview. There are parks at both the north and south ends of the islands, past some hospital grounds.

    Things I was personally thinking of shooting included: the Manhattan waterfront (as RI affords a unique perspective), abandoned buildings on the very southern end of the island (although I'm not sure of access), Main Street proper.

    I wish you all a good shoot, and once more, my apologies in advance for my absence.
  6. LudditeJay
    Sorry you can't make it Steven, but have fun. Newt, Ansel, you guys still planning on coming? I am pretty beat as every week this month has seemed to be work overload lol, but I will def make the trek if you guys are coming out.
  7. AnselAdamsX
    I'm planning on coming. I'm going to try to get there early so I can do some shots around Grand Central
  8. LudditeJay
  9. Newt_on_Swings
    Long night yesterday. I just realized I dont have anyone's numbers. Jason I tried calling your cell but it went to your company's voicemail I disnt het your personal number last time. I can make it out but I'll be atleast an hour late. If you guys reaf this gimme a call at 917-517-1565 if you guys are there.
  10. LudditeJay
    I have not developed the other partial roll I shot during this outing, but I did have Target soup the expired 24 exp roll of Pathmark 400 that I finished. I shot it at 200. Man, they did a great job scratching my film lol. I need to get C-41 going on at home =) Here are some from that roll.

    img005 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img002 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img001 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img003 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img004 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img009 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img007 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img011 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img006 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr

    img013 by Jason Rofls, on Flickr
  11. rcam72
    Nice shots. I love the red door.
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