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October meetup?

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  1. LudditeJay
    Let's plan something
  2. M.A.Longmore
    OK !

  3. Newt_on_Swings
    lets do this! also I have something sad to report... the OM4T is kaput =[ I think it shorted out somewhere deep internally, was afraid to tear it down to much to find it. I also failed at a repair on a stuck wind lever on a Canon Demi S, ripped it all apart, but couldnt find the fault, plus no guides online =[ its been a terrible few weeks and I need to make up for it in shooting!
  4. Newt_on_Swings
    Also for the end of october, would anyone want to shoot the village halloween parade? Its pretty wild, but then again Im usually pretty liquored up on that date lol
  5. LudditeJay
    The OM4T is dead?! That was a nice camera. All those OM cameras seem like mighty fine shooting machines.

    As far as a date, Saturdays always seem to be the best for me. The 15th would be great. I don't foresee being asked to be on call as I generally work every Sunday so I almost never am asked to put in any time on Saturdays. The 14th would also work for me anytime of the day, but I realize that would probably not be possible for a lot of other people.
  6. LudditeJay
    Just to add. I would also be down to shoot the parade depending on work. I would only know as the time nears closer.
  7. AnselAdamsX
    Saturday the 15th works for me.
  8. Newt_on_Swings
    Anyone decide on a location? forecast is ~66*F low of ~50*F, no rain but gusty. Ive been fighting a flu but I should be fine to meet up!
  9. LudditeJay
    Honestly I don't know about a location, but as long as the rain will stay away I def want to meet up.

    As far as a location I was hoping the NY natives would chime in and help. I don't have a location in mind. The only real restraint on me tomorrow is I would not be able to stay too late. Would need to be on my way home anywhere between 7pm and 9pm latest. I'd love to meetup during the day as it would most likely be a bit warmer also.
  10. AnselAdamsX
    Anything interesting along the High Line Elevated Park?
  11. LudditeJay
    The High Line park is nice. The first meetup I went on back in the summer was there. It has some nice photo opportunities but was a bit cramped in the summer. It may possibly be better now. I really did enjoy photographing the surrounding neighborhood after we walked the park. I would be willing to go again.

    Here is my set from the first time in the summer, to give you somewhat of an idea of the place. At least from my camera's perspective lol.

  12. Newt_on_Swings
    Maybe next weekend then? I just woke up lol this flu hit me harder than I thought. I wouldn't wanna pass it on to you guys. The highline is nice. There is also battery park, central park, prospect park, greenwood cemetery, and Roosevelt island which could be nice potential locations all with a bit of nature, architecture, people, and historical significance. So something for everyone.
  13. LudditeJay
    I am down for this weekend coming up. All those places sound pretty cool. I am up for anything really. Anyone willing to meet up on the 22nd please post up. How do we get to Roosevelt Island?
  14. Steven K
    Steven K
    Roosevelt Island can be reached by
    1. - cable car ("Tram") from 59th St and 2nd Avenue
    2. - subway via the F line
    3. - Q102 bus from queens
    4. - or by car via the Roosevelt Island bridge, from Queens

    The tram runs every 15 minutes, interesting views, but not much time for photos as it's something like a 3 minute ride. You can pay with a metrocard, it's the same price as a bus or subway. I'd be happy to join you, but I can't make it to the tram until 4pm Saturday this week. Sunday is wide open for me.


    Steven (NY native)
  15. AnselAdamsX
    I'm open saturday and sunday.
  16. LudditeJay
    Unfortunately I will be on call for work Sunday from 7am-5pm, but will be free all day on Friday and Saturday. I would be willing to meet up at 4pm on Saturday.
  17. Steven K
    Steven K
    Okay, we seem to have a consensus. Saturday works better for some, and while starting at 4 is a bit late, I'm personally looking forward to working some architecture during twilight.

    To that end, if you'd like to join me, I'll be at the Roosevelt Island Tram station at 60th street and 2nd avenue this Saturday 10/22 by 4pm. I'll be at ground level, on the edge of the little pocket park on the south side of the block. If for any reason you need to reach me, my cell is (347) 880 - 0527. If you plan to attend, reply here on the group so I can get a headcount and we don't leave anyone behind.

  18. AnselAdamsX
    I'll be there.
  19. LudditeJay
    Excellent. I will be there as well. I will meet you both at the tram station. I will call you if I get a bit lost and also to locate you when I arrive.
  20. LudditeJay
    I was just looking on the MTA's website and it seems that the best course of action for me would be to just take the F train from 34st to Roosevelt Island. I would be coming from the PATH and getting off at 33rd. Would that cause any issues for meeting up? It doesn't seem like the tram station and subway station are very far from each other on the island.
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