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Who's still alive?

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  1. LudditeJay
    Anyone for a late February meetup or even early March?

    Winter sucks!
  2. rcam72
    As usual it depends on the time for me since I'm still working Lugosi hours. Winter doesn't suck. Work on the other hand...

    Glad to see you are still alive Jay.
  3. rakeshmravi
    I am up for it. Be my first time meeting everyone.
  4. Newt_on_Swings
    Haha everyone is in hibernation mode. I may be down to meet up at the end of this month, but it all depends on how work is. Need to burn some film!
  5. LudditeJay
    Still trucking along, here. Luckily for me I am in a position to say that winter is worse than my job.

    I haven't picked up my film camera since the end of October/beginning of November. Too long but I guess typical for me lol. A snap here and there on the cellphone sort of suffices.

    How does either the 25th of February or the 3rd of March sound? Just post up which of those would be good. They are both Saturdays so if that doesn't work for some feel free to say what days do.
  6. rcam72
    The 25 may not be good for me.
    3rd of March should be okay, with my usual bailing by 8:30 so I can get to work
  7. LudditeJay
    Helpfully everyone else will join in. March 3rd should be no problem for me. I look forward to it.

    Any ideas for a meetup location? I still would love to go to the Staten Island ship graveyard. I would even lug the Mamiya 6x6 out there =). It hasn't seen the light of day since last summer lol.
  8. paul ron
    paul ron
    When, where, n time?
  9. LudditeJay
    Trying to figure that stuff out =)

    Traditionally we have meet early to mid afternoon and then played it by ear as far as when to call it quits. Weekends have been the norm but during the week is not an impossibility as we have had one or two meetups in the middle of the week if I remember correctly.

    It could be anywhere. I am from NJ and so I tend to heed the opinions of New Yorkers on good places to meetup in NY. I mentioned the Staten Island ship graveyard as it was brought up in a group discussion last year but never materialized into a meetup.
  10. paul ron
    paul ron
    I'm retired n like weekdays as well the luxury of missing rush hours on the trains. So a few hours in the morning is fine anytime.

    I kayak in the summer n wanted to do the tug grave yard. A friend in Bklyn says he knows a nice place to launch near by.

    The ship grave yard sound really nice. Take the ferry accross from the city?... also Gov Island ferry is right next door, maybe for another trip?
  11. LudditeJay
    I would like to go to Governor's Island. Some from the group have been there already and we had a meetup there, but I missed it.

    Weekdays and missing rush hour trains sounds wonderful, and if there are others that can make the time then you should make it happen. I used to work 4 weekdays and alternate the Saturday and Sunday, but my schedule as of late last year has been Monday-Friday with weekends off.

    When the group started last year we were meeting up frequently, at least once a month, while the weather was nice. With spring approaching I would love to get back to that.

    I am not sure the best way to get to the ship graveyard. I didn't even know where on the Island it was but I found it on Google Earth:

    I am not sure where the ferry lands but I assume we will need to make use of the public transport on Staten Island.
  12. LudditeJay
  13. paul ron
    paul ron
    Looks like a great place to kayak in n about the ships for some great pics. Are there any restrictions there?.. tresspassing, jumping fences, parking... etc?
  14. LudditeJay
    No idea lol. I don't know who owns the land or who operates there. Google Earth was the first time I saw it.
  15. paul ron
    paul ron
    We'll have to get more info on it then. I like the way it looks.. wana do some kayaking there?

    Found this.. you'll love it...

  16. LudditeJay
    Nice! I don't have a kayak, or anyway to transport one, and i've never even been on a kayak but it does sound like fun haha.
  17. LudditeJay
    The photos on that site are interesting. I wonder what the place looks like now and how close we could get to the ships while still being on land.
  18. Newt_on_Swings
    those satellite photos look pretty cool. im game, but it looks a bit tricky to get to. the dirt roads leading into it seem to be cleared of foliage so I assume that the site is still active? probably guards and stuff for general public safety. Or I could be wrong and its totally lax haha many places area.

    Also if anyone else is into urban exploration check this: http://g.co/maps/8hbeh

    thats seaview hospital on staten island as well. its quite a large complex of abandoned buildings, many are overgrown, but you can clearly make out the shape of them. They are just north of the current seaview hospital.

    I did some exploring here two or three times a few years back in college and it sure is creepy. Would be a out of this world place to photograph in the day.
  19. AnselAdamsX
    I'm still alive:-) I'm game for any shoot.
  20. M.A.Longmore
    Just Barely ...

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