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Spring and Summer Happenings

  1. Newt_on_Swings
    So yea, guys its getting warmer and I haven't seen the lot of you in awhile. Lets all throw out some suggestions of some things to look forward to shooting and to plan ahead.

    Governor's Island and the Ferry there, is back on schedule May 26th and will be open on weekends and holiday Mondays until late September.

    Mermaid Parade is on June 23rd! http://www.coneyisland.com/mermaid.shtml It was my first time going last year and I had lots of fun and lots of great pics. We can do huge Killians and Nathans again haha!

    Museum Mile is on June 12th. Free admissions to museums that are participating as well as 5th Ave being car free for about 20 something blocks. http://museummilefestival.org/
  2. M.A.Longmore
    Did Someone Say Killians ???

    Hopefully, I can make it ...

    Getting ready to move to Hartsdale next month, it might take a month or so to get settled in.
    And, unpack the cameras.

  3. Newt_on_Swings
    Ferry to Governor's Island is running now! They opened up the fort there, and for the first time ever, there is roof access now during guided trips. If anyone wants to go let me know or post your availability!


    They run from 10am-7pm every 10 min and its free.
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