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July 2012 Meet-up

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  1. sokrasins
    Let's get something in the works for July! How do you all feel about the weekend of July 7th? or 14th?

    Now's the chance to post all of the suggestions you've been thinking about:P
  2. rcam72
    Either one is good for me, depending on the time.

    How about Central Park. I don't think we shot there last year.

  3. LudditeJay
    Awesome. I am good for either the 7th or the 14th. Central Park sounds cool. I would even be down for another Coney Island meet as that place is always fun to shoot.
  4. sokrasins
    Ahh, yes, that's right. I seem to remember Ron suggesting a 24-hour photo marathon at Coney Island.
  5. LudditeJay
    =D I do remember that suggestion. I am not sure that I would be able to do a 24 hour shoot but certainly something a bit shorter.
  6. sokrasins
    Yeah, I kinda like the idea of a central park shoot for our first meet this summer. Anyone opposed? Other ideas?

    Why don't we plan for the 14th for now?
  7. M.A.Longmore
    Howdy !

    I'm still in that unpacking stage from the move. Central Park would be nice.
    Unfortunately, my schedule isn't being very cooperative at the moment. I'm
    not sure if I can make it on the 14th. I suggested a 12 hour Coney Island
    session, but that would be best towards the end of summer. So we don't
    have to worry about anyone getting their nuts roasted ...

    See Ya Soon !
  8. LudditeJay
    You just moved? Moving is always fun!

    Would the 7th be any better for you? I'll toss my hat in for a daylong Coney Island trip.
  9. M.A.Longmore
    Hi Jason,

    I'm In Hartsdale Now !

    Moving Was Fun !
    Until The Woman started looking at all my photography equipment.
    And started wondering if she could throw some of it away, without me noticing ...
    What do you tell her, when she asks if you really need 2 1/2 View Cameras ... That's Some Scary S#!t !!!
    I don't take vacation until Mid-September, so I have to be able to cover everyone during the summer.

    Enjoy The Weekend, And Patriotic Pageantry !

  10. LudditeJay
    Throw it away?!? At least give it away. I mean, how many cameras can you use at once, amirite? xD
  11. Newt_on_Swings
    Good to hear your back Stan! I am always down for a meet!

    Ron, mid September?!! thats harsh. You must catch a cold* ahem and see your old doc back in NY! lol
  12. sokrasins
    Ron - Congrats on the move! I hope your camera collection survives :P Sounds like you've got a busy summer ahead of you. Count me in for a 12 hr Coney Island session later on, I never get tired of that place.

    Alright, let's plan on central park on the 14th.

    Raul - You mentioned your availability depends on the time? What works better for you?

    I've spent a little time looking up photography restrictions in central park. I seem to remember that they can be iffy about using tripods. Anyone have any info? I think I'll call them up to get the low-down.
  13. rcam72

    I work nights and weekends so I have to call it a day by 8pm in order to get to work on time. Afternoon shoots are okay.

    From what I've read the main issue with tripods in the park is that they are seen by the park police/rangers/whatever as an indicator of a commercial shoot and therefore require a permit. I'm not sure on the actual parks department policy.
  14. LudditeJay
    Cool. The 14th works for me. I assume we will be meeting early afternoonish?
  15. sokrasins
    Alright, how about if we meet at 2pm? We could meet in the center of columbus circle if that's convenient. I'll post a map a bit later.
  16. AnselAdamsX
    I may come in earlier and check a few other things out first.
  17. sokrasins
    Okay, how about we meet right in the middle of columbus circle (map: http://goo.gl/maps/7Bt7 ).

    AnselAdamsX - sounds great, we'll see you in the early afternoon!

    I think I'll bring my medium format system to the meetup. I've got some velvia from last summer that I've been eager to use :P
  18. AnselAdamsX
    Sounds good. I've got a 6x9 I been wanting to use as well as a minox I just reloaded.
  19. Newt_on_Swings
    I will try n make it too.
  20. LudditeJay
    I should also be able to make it. =)
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