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  1. rcam72
    Hope everyone's okay. There was some flooding and loss of power in Port Chester but nothing as dramatic as what you city guys went through.
  2. M.A.Longmore
    Luckily, I'm 180 feet above sea level now.
    We were without power for an hour, I started reading the Kodak Slide Photography book by candle light.
    A short, but very sweet reading session !
    I was looking forward to a Mini-Meetup with Steven at the Halloween Parade . . .

  3. Newt_on_Swings
    Yea, just a little mini power and internet outage here but no real problems as I live in the center of Brooklyn. Did have to pick up my grandparents from the LES and bring them over the day after the storm (driving through the mess was crazy) as they lost power, hot water, and heat (they were really insistent on staying too until my grandfather felt sick and nauseous because of the cold). They are situated back in their apartment now, and most people who I have talked to have got back their power. I finally got to go to work today as power was restored to the east village, and kids went back to school.
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