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MPP Analog Day

  1. Ottrdaemmerung
    I don't know how many of you are members of the Memphis Photo Forums, but one week from today -- April 17, 2011 -- we will be having our first (and hopefully not last) Analog Day. Roger Cotton and I will be hosting it at Roger's house. He will be demonstrating how to develop B&W film, and then I'll be doing the same with color C-41 film. Those who'd like to participate are encouraged to bring one roll of exposed film for processing.

    Topics of discussion:

    Equipment / chemicals required to process film
    Processing B/W film
    Processing color (C41) film
    Respooling 120 film for use in 620 cameras
    Using 120 film in vintage cameras requiring 116 and other unique sizes
    Scanning negatives into the computer
    Storing and archival of negatives
    Anything else you can think to ask

    Since the film will need to hang-dry for a couple of hours after processing, we will start the wet work first, followed by demos and discussion. We'll have dummy rolls of 120 and 35mm for you to use as practice before you try the real thing.

    2531 Laurelcrest Drive, near Appling / I-40. www.tinyurl.com/rogerhouse <--- Google Map

    I'm sure most folks here on APUG are well past this level of expertise, but I hope it'll be fun for everybody. If you'd like more information, simply message me here or post on the Memphis Photo Forums. Thanks!
  2. guitstik
    I'm sorry I missed this.
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