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First official unofficial meeting of MASH

  1. guitstik
    The first get together and it was a success. Terry and I did a walking tour of down town Memphis and I think we got a few good shots. Next time we need more people involved, it probably would have helped if announcements had been made.
  2. Ottrdaemmerung
    I had a great time, Joel. The heat squashed much extensive photography, but since I'd never shot downtown before it was a great reconnaissance mission to scope out the area. I tried out one of the expired (9/2005) TMax 400 24-exp. rolls you gave me in the Minolta SRT-200 I was using. Metering and development both went great and the film was good as new, but evidently there's a shutter curtain issue in this camera: the entire right half of many, but not all, frames was black. Maybe the shutter just needs a good CLA/lubrication.

    I was also using some rebranded Shanghai GP3 100 and then some Ilford Delta 100 in my brand spankin' new Holga 120N. Unfortunately for me, although I wanted to shoot 6x6, I had the switch on the back set to 16 frames/roll, so all the exposures overlapped. Because I was largely concentrating on architecture, the overlapped frames made for some cool montages.

    See here for my pictures from the photowalk and then more from the same rolls. In further news, I've been getting more of my darkroom supplies together and I'm nearly ready to start printing! ... when the weather gets a bit cooler, since the Crazy Cat Lady House doesn't have air-conditioning. :-(
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