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Anyone up for a May get together?

  1. Paul Sorensen
    I have so far failed to make any of the APUG Minnesota get togethers in the six months I have been here, so I thought I would improve my odds by taking a stab at getting something started myself. I would be happy to suggest a location, but also would love to hear other folks' ideas.

    I will propose Saturday, May 9 or Sunday, May 10. Any interest?
  2. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    Sure, I'm interested. Last time we got together we went to Keegan's Irish Pub in North Minneapolis, on University and 2nd Ave, across the street from West Photo (a place you should visit if you haven't already).
    I'm game to going there again, and the dates in May sound fine by me.

    - Thomas
  3. gminerich
    I could make May 10.

  4. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    Then why don't we do the tenth, that gives us at least four by my count. Keegan's sounds good to me as well, if it works for everyone else. What time?
  5. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    There's nothing like a beer at 11am... Last time we got together at about 4pm? It got dark soon after we were done drinking Guinness, not providing much time to shoot afterward. I'm thinking around 2pm might be good?
  6. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    Works for me!
  7. unohuu
    Sorry fellas, that is Mothers' Day. I will not be able to make this one!
  8. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    Wow, I totally missed that. Hmmm, should we consider another weekend? Anyone?
  9. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    I missed that too. Folks - suggest when you can. I'm good the following week.
  10. ishutteratthethought
    I may be able to make the 23rd or the 24th, not positive at this time, I will know soon.
  11. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    How did yesterday's gathering at Keegan's go? I could not make it as I had some family committments...

  12. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    The meeting was awesome, and you were missed! But first things first, right? I think I may have had a Guinness in your name.
  13. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Good on the Guinness on my behalf.... So who all showed up??
  14. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    Paul Sorenson, Harris Goldstein, Ike, Steve, and I showed.
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