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Early June get together

  1. Andrew Moxom
    Is anyone up for an early morning jaunt as a warm up prior to photostock in the next few weekends? Afternoons are pretty much shot for me as the wife is working from 11am onwards most weekends and she is doing that so I can attend photostock at the end of June. So I can only really do the early morning meetup.

    Also, Thomas is not able to make Photostock this year so we still need a June event :-)

    Maybe we could meet at Dunn Bros in Minneapolis for coffee and/or breakfast and maybe show some work? Or do some impromptu shooting in downtown?
  2. ishutteratthethought
    That would be cool Andrew. Right now the Sat the 20th looks best for me however I could make early Sat the 13th. Sundays are tougher BUT could potentially swing.
  3. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    I am in. I will not really have much of anything to share, work wise, but would love a get together. Both of the dates Steve mentions work fine for me. In fact, most anything would work for me!
  4. unohuu
    Early mornings are OK with me, too! Location not really important as long as I make the baseball/softball game.
  5. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    Either day works for me. 13th or 20th are both fine.
  6. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Okay, Saturday June 13th at Dunn Bros in Minneapolis....early? Say 7am??? I can only stay until about 10 though as the wife is working.
  7. deisenlord
    I can make it.
  8. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    I'll be there!
  9. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    I will be there, unless I have some sort of alarm clock issue or something. I am not much of an early morning guy!
  10. unohuu
    which Dunn Bros? DT/Warehouse; DT Washington/3rd Ave/ or 34th/Hennepin Ave S? I want to come!
  11. ishutteratthethought
    I will be there.....90% sure any way.

    the address is 201 3rd Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Hope to see ya'll there!
  12. deisenlord
    I'm going to bail guys, just too much going on. I had another thing added to my plate, a friend of a friend has been diagnosed w/ breast cancer and she wants a portrait done before surgery Tuesday. I did something similar for my sister in law during chemo but unfortunately I don't know the sitter. Hopefully I can make it a positive experience given what's she's going though. I have a small taste of the sense of mortality she's experiencing via my heart surgery but in talking too her she's really having a hard time coming to grips with loosing a part of her body. Too bad society puts so much emphasis on looks.

    Anyway have a great time, I sure Paul will be happy I'm not coming, he won't have to change clothes when he gets home :-)
  13. ishutteratthethought
    So sorry to hear about that Ike, I am pulling for your friend to make a speedy recovery. I have someone close to me that went through this dreadful situation a year and half ago. She has since made a full recovery and is living a super positive life with her beautiful family.
    See you in Michigan.
  14. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    I look forward to seeing you all there. Paul, I'm going to hand you that bottle of Rodinal back, as I won't use it.
    Ike - first things first. Sounds like you have an important photograph to make. Good on you for helping out, but that's the kind of guy you are. I'm keeping your friend in my thoughts, hoping for a quick recovery!

    I'll bring a couple of prints to share, and maybe a camera. I'm super backlogged with my printing and really don't need to expose any more film right now...

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
  15. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Understood Ike... that's more important. See you at PHotostock in a week or so. Se you other guys tomorrow.
  16. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    deleted cause I missed that there was even another page of responses. See you tomorrow! Bright and squirrelly.
  17. ishutteratthethought
    Good to see ya'll. Have a good summer!
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