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R2400 epson printer

  1. deisenlord
    I was going to try to sell my 2400 at photostock but I don't think a 4 sale table ever showed up.

    Anyway its in good shape, I used it for all my digital negs and prints up to this spring when I switched to a 3800. Its not as good a printer as the 3800 for digital negs, and the ink is more expensive, but it does well.

    I have 6 new carts for it as well, worth $90. I'm thinking $300 or bo if anyone is interested.

  2. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    I'd be interested, but Kerik did say that the 3800 was the way to go.. I might go down that path later this year when I think about trying Palladium. Got to build a plate burner first :-) and get started with 4x5 negs before I go down the path of digital negs.
  3. deisenlord
    I forgot this is probably a off limits subject, oh well. The 3800 is a better choice if your serious. There's actually a $200 rebate on right now.
  4. ishutteratthethought
    I am considering a new scanner however I will have to wait, I have such a piece of sh**, a perfection 3170
    I will try look into buying a new one later this fall.
  5. Paul Sorensen
    Paul Sorensen
    Well Ike, here in the privacy of our own group, I doubt that anyone will complain too much.
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