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Minolta 7000 Problem

  1. Focus No. 9
    Hey Gang. I recently purchased a Maxxum 7000 basically to get the lens. The camera however has a problem. The first thing was no power. Installed fresh batteries and still nothing. I did clean a bit of corrosion from the contacts and even soaked the battery holder in soda water. This seemed to work-power on... the LED is clear(no bleeding) and I'm slowly getting through the menus. The auto focus works.

    But the film will not auto load. I've searched the web and others have reported the problem but little response other than the standard...batteries batteries batteries. It's no big loss, however I believe that cameras weren't designed to fail (other than the Hi-Matic AF2-M) unless abused. Any ideas?
  2. xo-whiplock
    Maybe try the minolta autofocus forums... With some electrical knowledge, I would guess that since there was corrosion on in the batter compartment, it is also someplace else in the wirring causing current to not flow to the motor. Look at cleaning contacts on switch or switches, and for corroded connection points in the motor circuit. If you have voltage to the motor when measured with a multi-meter, then the motor is bad. If no voltage, then there is an open switch or bad wire. My guess is a bad controller board.
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