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Just a Shout Out... I received my "New" Black SRT101 and it is amazing!

  1. xo-whiplock
    I just receive my "new" srt101 (black), and it is like new! Even the battery had 1.5v! Meter works, and I could not be happier! It is my new favorite camera, surpassing my version 1 srt101. This was not some beater, but used by a professional that took great care of his equipment. Even the PF 58/1.4 was like new. The best find so far, and I have 4 other srt101's that I restored meter function to. I started getting these to work on, and now I'm hooked. I'll be letting go of some stuff as soon as I get the pick of litter on lenses and primary and backup cameras. The others work, but really are pretty used.

    If all goes well, I'll have some news on a couple of lenses I'm hoping to get soon...

    Isn't building a good kit wonerfully fun. In the end, I'll have the srt101(ver. 1), srt101 (black), X-700 w/MD-1, and all Rokkor lenses, a couple of which may be of the highly sought after type??? lets hope I win the bids.

  2. xo-whiplock
    Yippie! I won the the bid on a MC W. ROKKOR-x 1:2.0 f=28mm. It came with an XE7, MD ROKKOR-x 1:1.4 f=50mm, and some accessories. I'll post another post specifically on the 28/2.0 with question.

    Forgive me if it sounds like gragging. Just wanted to share my good fortune in a time of so little of it.

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