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New Lens Excitement

  1. Silvertooth
    Well, it has struck! I think I have a case of LBA! I received delivery of my 70-210 f4 late yesterday afternoon. Excitement is in the air. Unfortunately, so is the rain. So I sit at the computer looking for a deal on the 35-70 and a 50 macro. I already see why some of you recommended the Motor Drive with the 70-210.

    I did take the X-700 in the field for the first time this past weekend, the schedule has been too hectic until now. The camera is a joy to use. The meter read out is taking some getting used to, but it is not too bad. I am sending the Portra out this afternoon for processing and will (hopefully) develop the T-Max tomorrow.

    Have a great day everyone!
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Silvertooth;

    Yes, the X-700 does have a slightly different viewfinder shutter and aperture readout. Yes, it is not the same as the X-570 or X-500 that many others will praise. However, the X-700 does have the fully operational "Program" Mode, and the display was designed to work with that mode. That is why the display is slightly different from all others in the entire Minolta line. The X-700 was the only model that had the full Program or "P" Mode. While the XD-11 or XD-7 had a mode that did come close to doing the same kind of thing, almost, sort of, it was the X-700 that really did work in a fully operational "Program" Mode. Minolta did have some experience with this kind of thing. Back in the 1960s, the Minolta Hi-Matic 9 rangefinder camera could have both the shutter setting ring and the lens aperture ring set to the "A" position, and when both of them were set to "A," the Hi-Matic 9 operated in what they called an "Automatic" Mode, but now we would call that an early Program Mode.

    Something you can do with your X-700 that is not easy to duplicate with just about any other camera, is to put it into "P" Mode, fit a Vivitar or Tamron Auto Focusing Lens with their own battery power onto the MD lens mount of the X-700, attach the MD-1 Motor Drive (my preference) or the AW-D Auto Winder to it, and you have a true "Point and Shoot" 35mm film camera, just like the digi-snappers today.

    Have fun with your X-700. It is the most versatile camera that Minolta produced. And, you will find that the results on the negative with the regular single focal length ROKKOR lenses are even more impressive.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  3. upnorthcyclist
    Hi Silvertooth,

    The 70-210 has a great reputation!

    Look closely at the 35-70mm lenses before you buy one. The later versions have a macro-focusing capability that might be a nice feature for you.

    I would recommend getting the 100mm macro over the 50mm macro. You have to get pretty close with the 50mm for 1:1 macro - it's more of a copy lens. The 100mm lets you back up enough to not throw a shadow on what you're shooting and is much more versatile for nature photography.

  4. Silvertooth
    Hi Ralph and Mike,

    I developed the T-Max from a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park last night. Just looking at the negatives was amzing. I was amazed at the contrast and clarity they possess with both the 50 1.7 and the 70-210 f4. I will try to print some of them this evening once the water temperature cools down a bit. Mid-day Texas water is hot out of the faucet!

    The negatives actually look sharper and cleaner in details than the digital files from my Nikon. If that is the case, I might just need to investigate the Sony system a liitle bit and see if any of the Minolta DNA survives! Do you know if the Alpha mount Minolta glass is as good as the SR mount glass? I think part of the situation is that the X-700 is more comfortable to use than my DSLR.

    I am looking into the 35-70 with the macro feature as well as a 100mm macro. To think, my dad tried to talk me into a Minolta system thirty-two years ago when he gave me a camera for my birthday.

    I'll try to scan and post some prints soon.

    Thanks guys,
  5. upnorthcyclist
    Hi again,

    I don't know much about the AF Minoltas. This link seems to be the standard: http://www.mhohner.de/sony-minolta/bodies.php

    Good luck!

  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Aubrey;

    Yes, the later Minolta AF or "A" mount lenses will indeed fit onto the Sony DSLR cameras, and they work especially well with the full frame sensor models. If you like the results that you are getting from your Minolta SR mount lenses with film, you will be pleased also with the results from the Minolta or Sony AF "A" mount lenses, and the Sony A900 files will be equal to what you will most likely try to print with a 35mm film negative. It was that very model that made me decide that it was time to go to digital in order to more conveniently use and print what I could get wtih my Minolta AF "A" mount lenses. Strangely enough, there is a lot of family resemblance and feeling between the Sony A900 and the Minolta Maxxum 9 / Dynax 9 35mm film camera.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  7. Silvertooth
    Mike--I have looked at the link you sent and it seems to be an excellent source of information. I need to go play with one of the newer Alpha bodies and some of the old film bodies--if I can find them! No one seems to be interested in selling the K/M bodies. I am taking that as a good sign!

    Ralph--The A900 or A850 sounds promising. I have played with an A900 before and fell in love with the viewfinder. I recently saw where former Minolta and UN photographer John Isaac is back shooting the Alpha mount cameras.

    Thanks to both of you gentlemen for helping me ease into the Mind of Minolta! I am not sure I want to part with my digital kit yet, although the weather sealing on the A900 and Maxxum 9 would be nice!

    Off to the darkroom! Well, after supper..Off to the darkroom!!

  8. Silvertooth
    Okay--I finally made and scanned a couple of quick prints last night. I am going to work on these of course but for a working print I am quite happy with the Minolta! Time to practice a little more on the technique and learn the metering quirks and I will be one happy camper!

  9. upnorthcyclist
    Dead link, Aubrey.

  10. Silvertooth
    Sorry about that. I just tried it and it worked. Maybe because I'm on the pc where I typed the post? I will be at work later and check it on that machine. Or, I could try a new paste here:


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