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Need Price Info

  1. 18%gray
    I could not find the appropriate group to post this question, so came here as the nearest thing to the appropriate place.

    A friend of mine recently acquired a Minolta 7000i with a 28-80 and a 70-210 lens, and a dedicated flash (I think he said a 3500i) which he wants to sell.

    Even though this is a manual focus group, would anyone here happen to know what the kit would be worth?


    p.s. In my own defense I should mention that I do own an SRT 101 and a 201, and a number of lenses for them, and like them a lot
  2. upnorthcyclist
    Hi 18%gray,

    As you mentioned, this is a manual focus group - I don't have much experience with the AF stuff - I don't use or collect it.

    The best way to determine actual value on nearly anything is to go to eBay and check the "Sold Listings" box for a search. The price listed for BIN is worthless to establish value.

    The new Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras can autofocus with the Minolta AF lenses, with a suitable Sony adapter. I would think this would tend to push up prices for these lenses. The 70-210 has a great reputation.

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