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bits and pieces

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  1. Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Terry;

    The M-42 to Minolta adapters that I have came from a collection of sources. Local camera shops, KEH (www.keh.com), e-pain, and some others. I have several. There is also an M-39 adapter that will work with Leica Thread Mount lenses, including the FSU and Chinese clones.

    Terry, I have several lenses. It might be easier to answer your question about just the lenses that interest you at this time, instead of going through the entire inventory. The sources have been the same as the adapter listed above. Then there is also the point that we are limited to just 1000 characters for each message we type in here.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  2. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    oh, dear, oh dear...what sort of pandora's box have i opened.... just got a hold of a md 55mm reversal ring and a m42 to minolta af adapter. oh and i found a heap of minolta apochromatic filters... but he wanted far too much for them....so at least they stayed in the shop....what am i gonna do with all of this?????
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